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An illustration with no actual correlation with the following texts. Thank you.

"Oh, I can't believe it's November already," The author says as she slowly dust off figurative cobwebs across her virtual space.

"My most favourite month, yet the time I'll be looking so pathetic for being older..."

".. because indeed I should've stayed 17 or at least 21 years old for the rest of my life," she mutters as she releases a big sigh.

A Studio Ghibli Exhibition Comparison: Tokyo vs Jakarta

Who doesn't love at least a Studio Ghibli film?

The magical studio from Japan has filled some portion of my childhood (and university years) not only with magical fairies, dragons, and cute, mysterious black ball creatures, but also courage and determination. 

Established in 1985 by the four finding fathers: Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Toshio Suzuki, and Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Studio Ghibli quickly found its way to the international world since the Oscars nomination and win of one of their feature-length film, Spirited Away.

I personally first introduced by the studio when I was in the fourth grade. I suddenly came across Spirited Away in a local bootleg DVD shop and decided to give a try to watch it. (I know this is so illegal, but somehow without them I wouldn't know Studio Ghibli that fast, haha!? ;_;) Long story short, I love it. Following years later, internet had grown more and more useful than it was, and I used the chance to watch some of the films online. (once again, don't try this at home, kids. It's illegal)

I fell in love particularly with some of Isao Takahata's films: Whisper of the Heart, and Only Yesterday (Check out an amazing video essay I found here. And I bought a Whisper of the Heart book on my first visit to Japan!Anyway, I love Seiji Amasawa. :}

Their success keeps on and on, until now, in 2017, Indonesia finally held Studio Ghibli film screenings in several theatres! It is a part of a bigger event called World of Ghibli Jakarta, culminating in a mega exhibition held around August to September 2017. I was beyond lucky to be able to visit TWO different Studio Ghibli exhibitions both while in my visit to Tokyo last year, and the recent one in Jakarta.