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Departing to Hogwarts

Another one (and hopefully) serving as the finale of my British Summer Days travel journal. I've been having such a wonderful times retelling some of my travel highlights for my first time ever in Great Britain.

I had the best days ever in my life to be literally super honest. :}

And now I'm crying because I can't wait for another visit. :'(

How to Successfully Cross The Abbey Road (and Other Stories)

I love how travel made you speechless, but ended up turning you into a storyteller. Out of many journey I've been through, I've came across hundreds and thousands of many forms of stories; tiny to huge. The last journey across Great Britain is no exception. Eleven days is enough to made blabs indefinitely here, and told comedy routines to my friends every time they asked me "How's London?" or "How's Edinburgh?" or "How's Liverpool?"

Today, I compile these tiny stories into possibly several posts, just because.