Another Hello

A photo that I love so much, taken in 2011.

Yeah. So this is it. This is my final decision to renew my blog, change my concept of blogging, and what should I write in my blog. Is it my blog looks more simple? I love simplicity, and as time goes by, people was right that the older people are, they tend to be more simpler. Isn't that true? The only thing that won't change is my fondness of bright colors such as orange and yellow. All hail orange and yellow!

I changed my blog name. Did you notice that I used to hate my middle name, Novreica? Well, it was long ago, the world was younger than today when I thought Novreica was a silly name. "Whoever named this is lunatic," I thought. All of my family members call me "Rei", which is taken from that middle name and I was like, "Oh my, I'm not even a Japanese! This is horrible!" Then, the first time I hear my middle name is kind of cool when my Physics teacher started to call my middle name. I think he likes it. My friend says it is a cool name, one of a kind. Well, these things change me a lot, and I guess God makes me want to love my name.

I listed all my links at the left side of this blog. If you interested with my artworks, click the art gallery section. Want to chat on Facebook? Simply click on Facebook account and click add. By the way, please inform me on comment section if you add me on social media, so I can approve it right away. If you're just being random, want me to answer your question, ask it on Formspring. I love to sneak into Formspring to see some new questions (which is ironically rare). Then, I put all of my blogger friends into the friends list section. If you want to be listed up, please inform me. Make sure you follow my blog via the follower tab below. Finally, Instagram is my other way to blog. You might find some random shots and artworks in here so if you interested enough, go follow mine.

To celebrate the rebirth of my blog, whoever comment on this post first will get a free artwork. Au revoir!


  1. your new layout looks simpler and I still get the orange-y vibe without being too flashy ^_^
    haha but I think Novreica sounds nice! it's a rare name right? :) at least you don't have teacher calling you with family name, somehow it sucks T___T

    1. ah! and I'd be really glad to get an artwork from you!!! ^__^

    2. Hi Prisilia! Wow, the first comment in my 'new' blog! You just deserve a medal... Wait... An artwork! Hahaha. Wait for it dear, maybe the next two post it is. ;)

      I find it awesome too being simple in blogging, for not using too much pictures and widgets. Glad you like my name, also! Yeah, super rare. I dare to tell you there's only one 'Novreica' in this world (or maybe two if I would name my kid the same one).

      Yeah, thank God schools here don't do so. If so, oh no... Mine's too ethnical, haha. :p


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