One Step Closer

It's over. I mean, school's over. I just had my graduation rehearsals two days in a row and I can feel graduation is coming closer to me. I can't wait for it, honestly. The entire rundown seems to be playing in my imagination and I can see myself standing in front of the entire audience, receiving the medal, certificate, and handshakes. I hope I don't get my usual stage fever like I usually do. One step closer to the university life.

Three days ago, my parents gave me such a beautiful and useful presents. I've been longing for this for quite a long time, and I thought it's only a dream to own it. That day, I believe it was Sunday, I was out with my mother for Kebaya hunting, which is for my graduation. After we done our search, she drove me to a much-well-known stationery store in Jakarta and bought me my dreams.

She bought me a set of copic! And bunches of useful art books to keep me living in the sphere of art that I love so much. I couldn't describe how grateful I am. My mom says: "Do your best for your university life. I wish you all the best. Keep chasing your dreams. Be a good example for your family, community, and your nation."

"Yes, I will, and I do." I replied. It's just the end of my high school life, but yeah, an ending means a new beginning. I am one step closer to the university life. 


  1. ah, copic! I bet you're so happy!! congrats for the graduation, wishing you the best for uni life, and being a freelance! looking at your artworks I'm sure you can do well :D
    thanks for the reply! I will surely put credit^^

    1. Yes it is. I can't believe I can own this thing. Sniff...
      Thank you so much dear! Yeah, I'll do my best for the uni and freelance life. :)
      Sure thing! I keep on practicing my skill during the holiday and I'll post them here soon. :))

  2. Thanks for your advice claudia.
    congrats for your graduation anyway :))

    1. Hi Esther! Glad to hear that! :D
      Thank you so much for your greetings and follow!


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