I'm Officially Graduated from High School

The title says it all. Yes, people. Our school just held a graduation ceremony on 4th of June, which means yesterday. It was a blast and I'm really sure that I will miss high school afterwards. The ceremony was held in the campus' grand chapel for three hours. Both of my parents were there, and they're proud of my progress in high school. 

Days before the ceremony, I was in a real panic. I haven't search for any kebaya that was for the dress-code. But thank God I found one that suit me. Guess when? The night before the ceremony. What a relieve. Sigh.

This is how we looked like with togas. It's a little bit of uniqueness we have that our togas colors are yellow. Light yellow and a tip of green, maybe a little bit turquoise. From left to right: Margareta - Cynthia Muljadi - Me - Holy Pondicherry.

We had a photo session first in the basketball court, which results to epic hot weather and ineligible sweats that are not purposed. I sweat my undershirt, like my entire back. After that, we were heading to the grand chapel. Had a few more and more photo sessions... And then, the ceremony was started!

Beautiful choir with the dearest vocal teacher, Mr. Andreas.

The opening prayer.

Teachers and heads of schools, and also the foundation.

Speech by Ms. Wiginy, the head of school; Mr. Cook, the school principal, and Mr. Jonathan L. Parapak, the rector of UPH.

Inauguration ceremony has started!

This is what the screen showed when they call my name. My childhood photo was there!

Too bad, I don't face the camera when I receive the certificate.

Posing in front of the school's flag.

After the inauguration ceremony, we had an alumni pledge led by Nathasya Abigail and Vialli Nestor. And guess the valedictorian? Yeah, it's Cynthia!
We also had a session to express our gratitude to our parents. We gave them a rose, card, hugs, and kisses. I'm glad to make them proud of me.

One of the most interesting part of the ceremony was a part where school gave some students who are overachiever in several aspects, such as academic, music, arts, and sports. They gave students awards in a form of trophies and medals.

Guess what? I got two medals. One because I passed senior high school, and two because I often participated in school competition and won several contests while I'm a student in senior high school.

And... I've got two trophies for showing an excellent performance in art and one is for being trusty to the school foundation (Yes, I've been in the same foundation for 14 years, and 4 more years to go).

I was hyped. Thank God.

Finally, the ceremony was closed with a very special performance by some of the music-talented graduates and some eleventh and tenth graders. 

"At age 3 we enter school with tears in our eyes, and at 17 we leave the same way; you'll have a broken heart, you'll remember fights with your best friend, and you'll cry because time is flying away. Life comes with no second chances so live it to the fullest, do everything your heart desires, take pictures, laugh, forgive like you've never been hurt, tell someone what they mean to you, dance in the rain, comfort a friend..."


  1. yeaayy congrats ya...
    jadi ngelanjutin kemana??

    1. Thank you, Annisa. Lanjutnya di UPH nih udah sepaket ama SMA hehehe. :D

  2. Yey ^^ happy graduation dayy :D
    So you're now having the long holiday?
    What do you plan to do? ^^

    1. Yaaayyy thanks a lot, dear!!
      Yes, I am. I'm planning to relax, well I'm not having an epic holiday abroad thou. :p I'm just spend my time doing what I love. :))

  3. HAHAHA tia muncul dua kali di sini omooooooo

    1. HAHAHA ini balen kan yahhh ngapain lah anon2 wkwkwkwk


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