Summer Break

Long time no blogging! I have so much fun with my summer break, preparing for the university life. University seems to be so much fun, but scary (for me) at the same time. I can do a lot of things that I love, join some campus activities, and oh, say hello to an independent life a.k.a freedom to drive and go anywhere (unless your parents knew, hehe). So, what's up? I present to you, things that I've done in summer break. Enjoy.

Yes, I always draw. Everywhere, and every time. Including for this summer break. That drawing above is my first trial on copic. Remember that I've got them for the graduation present from my parents, and I can't stop thanking them since that time. Looks like it's not really hard to use them. Blending colors is quite easy, as long as you do it quick before the ink is dry. The grip is comfortable, the brush size is also satisfying for large areas, although you must be very slow to do coloring on smaller areas. 

My second copic drawing. I used drawing pen to draw the outline, and prisma color for the highlights. Those two people are a same person named Taeko Okajima from one of many Ghibli movies, Only Yesterday or originally named Omohide Poro Poro (おもひでぽろぽろ) which I love so much because of its simplicity and some sweet childhood memories. I really recommend this movie if you prefer light, simple, and realistic anime. And oh, this movie takes place in the 60s so it gives you so much information about Japan that day.

The third artwork. I did this in the morning so it was not really good enough. The girl's face looks stupid and ugly, hahaha. But I adore her hair. They're so beautiful, and flow perfectly. Okay stop. I might have hair fetish (what?!). 

Say hello for my own version of The Great Gatsby backdrop!! I am so struggled making this thing. The lines are too many and so complex that I had to remove some of it. And that's it. I put some gold colors on it to make it sparkle, haha. By the way, I haven't seen the movie nor read the book, and I had order the book online and It should be coming here in a moment. Can't wait for it.

My version of Twiggy. Look at the comparison. I suck at drawing exact things, so my version of Twiggy is not really satisfying. The eyes are too small. The nose is too narrow. The lips are horrible, duh. So that's all I can show you here, because I managed to scrap this Twiggy. I'm so sorry Twiggy. You're still the best fashion icon that I ever known, just like Pattie Boyd or Audrey Hepburn. I still have to sharpen my portrait drawing skills!! I suck at this!!

I went to a local bookstore and bought these pencils. Derwent's set of soft graphic pencils. Just a review, the pencils are so much softer than the usual Faber Castell's and it's quite easier to blend with these pencils. This just perfect for portrait and still life, as they don't really create some textures on the paper. The only thing that bother me is these pencils is a waste. Once you sharpen it, you waste a lot of it. It's a worth to try stuffs. By the way, the drawing I made above is my cousin's request to draw a League of Legends character. It's Sona, if I'm not mistaken.

Paul's 71st birthday is on June 18!! As usual, I made him at least a portrait drawing. Here are the sketch draft and the final result. Resemble him enough. I am so satisfied that I can draw him so much better now. Oh, some wishes to Paul: Don't stop spreading the sass!! 

The next session is for books session!! I just bought these three books. Two of them is written by Haruki Murakami, my new favorite contemporary writer. The first book that I read is Norwegian Wood, because I (accidentally) bought the Indonesian version rather than the English version. Stories that were translated into Indonesian are some kind of silly, I had some trouble reading it. But overall, Norwegian Wood is nice, and there are too much The Beatles' references inside of it (as one of their song is the title of the book). I like books that have The Beatles' references, hehe. 1Q84 is a 1000-ish pages and currently, I can't stop reading it. And... Steal Like an Artist is simply genius.

I bought this waterproof camera before the holiday in case I travel to places where I can go swimming or snorkel or something. Snip-snap! Holiday will be awesome.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all also enjoy your summer break. Adios, amigos!


  1. Your portrait o Paul is simply adorable. And I love the way you draw hair! :D

    1. Thank you Audrey! Yeah, I tend to draw better if I like that certain person, hehehe. :D Thank you, I'm so afraid I might be a hair fetish in the future. Oh no!


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