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Friday, August 2, 2013

Hi there, it's been thousand of years! Before I start (I'm currently importing some of the photos) , I want you to do me a very simple but sweet favor. So recently, I've made a new page on Facebook because I am thinking about making a line between my artwork profile and private profile. Basically, I just don't want those two things are mixed up. Okay, are you ready? 



Go to this link, and you'll find a page named The Arts of Novreica. Have a brief check, and if you like it, won't you click the like button? Thanks! And oh! There's one more:


I've finally made a new twitter account!!! If you (seriously) interested, follow. Do follow. By the way, my profile is currently private but I still accepting people's request. Thank you, once more!


Okay, let's start. A few weeks ago, I sent a drawing to the author of three bestsellers, and a movie based on her own story. Yup, it's the sweet Indi Taufik. She drove my attention since a very long time ago when I (really) started my blog. She's iconic with her pinkish and girly style, and I caught her super adorable in those dresses.

Indi. Pencils and copic on A4 drawing paper.

A few days later, Indi sent me an email and thanked me for sending her an artwork. She liked it. I was so super hyped to read that. I made that email one of my many favorite emails.
Click for larger view.


Oh golly, I can't stop drawing. I've made a lot of things (some of them are remained WIPs and scrapped, I know) and I really enjoy it, like every seconds of it. Here are some of them, and the rest are secret because I've been doing a project, which is super important. Teehee.

A portrait based on obviously, me.

Another two. That Lana del Rey portrait remained WIP.


Next, let's talk about life. Life is being too slow. I am bored. I am stirred-crazy. That's because I'm having too much time at home, doing nothing! Or at least I am just sitting around watching youtube, but it's still boring! And... These videos below are the result of my nothing-to-do-ness. Yeah, my findings. Enjoy. Maybe some of them are inspiring.

Awkward Moments Artist Only Understand. 
My reaction: "This is so me!"

3D Doodle Pen
My reaction: "Where can I get this!??"

The Great Gatsby Amazing Visual Effect
My reaction:" I wanna be a CGI artist!"


That's all for now. Thank you for reading. Enjoy Elis Regina, my current favorite.


  1. woa I wanna let you know that your art is beautiful so keep up on what you are doing! :D thank you fo sharing the videos. I enjoy watching them so much. The first one was really funny haha but it is so true even though I don't draw that much.

    1. Hi, thank you for your appreciation. Sure I do, it's been a thing that I enjoy so much. You're welcome. Yeah, I think everyone should had that feelings also, right? :)

  2. Hai terimakasih ya sudah mampir ke blogku.
    Gambar kamu bagus sekali!
    Anw, aku juga suka lagu waters of march itu :)

    1. Makasih banyak yah udah mampir balik. :D
      Makasih banyak. :D
      Yup, Elis Regina is the best. :D


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