Sometimes It's Not Okay To Let it Linger

A sudden blog post and a random thought I had while having a break from assignments.


I love how it all work in university. I love how I hang out with friends, talking nonsenses. I love being dizzy doing all of those assignments. I simply love my life right now. But it all stopped after I had my first open recruitment interview for an upcoming campus' event. I suck at it. I ruined my very own answers. I stutter. I had that awkward, stupid laughing face in front of people. I had that super annoying squeaky voice, not that "confident" voice.

That's what I hate for being myself. Being too shy. Unconfident. Awkward. Act stupid around people. It seems that that they are my biggest nemesis. I really really wish I could get rid of that stuffs, but I just can't help but keeping up that traits. I would trade some of my positive traits and skills just to be confident and talk to every people, even people I just met.

The point is, I'm just busy lingering around. Having fun with people that I just enjoy spend the time with, and doing things that I just love to do. I never had that time to introspect. But, Thank God, I had that chance to get up from my very comfort zone and start to think for being a better myself. Yeah, sometimes it's not okay to let ourself linger. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

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