Au Revoir, 2013!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random illustration, just saying.


Some few hours until 2014. Well, a typical girl blogger saying: "Time flew so fast, huh?".  2013 had been arduous, exhilarating, and distressing at the same time. In the beginning of 2013, I struggled with my national exam preparation, and then finally made it in April. High school ended by the end of June as I received my scores (not really good, but at least I passed, lol.) and graduated in the same month. Then I had my first super long holiday, which lasted 3 months. Finally had my first day in university and had another struggles with tasks, assignments, and projects. 

A lot of good things and experiences happened in 2013. I tried to be a better person; a fun, friendly girl. I tried hard to leave my old habit of moaning and being too quite (I'm just too ridiculous) and I guess I had a lot of progress. I tried to be more active, a latent desire of mine since high school but I just can't do it at that time (due of my lack of time management). 2013 let me met some new friends especially people I met in the university. I am so thankful for having them, they're as precious as gems. 

Despite of all those things, 2013 is also the year full of struggles, drama, and some bitter experiences. Had some trouble while I'm preparing national exam, yeah. I had depression, almost gave up with my progress and just let it be. But once again, I just can't be that person that gave up so quickly and that's it. Most of the dramas in 2013 are those that I made and it's on my mind. I promise not to feel too insecure. I promise, I promise.

Okay, it's time to deal with my drawings. I just made my first summary of art and I'm gonna just put it below. Did I made a progress? I guess so. I start to draw more realistic, which is great because draw realistically had been my goal in 2013. My next goal? Digital art. :)

I blab too much already, eh? The point is, 2013 is a thrilling, but in the same time, exciting roller coaster ride. I learned a lot of things from this year, including life, friendship, relationships, and how to deal with people surround me. I don't really made a detailed resolution like the past years because in 2014, I just want to be a better person, a positive light to people around me. Amen!

2014, I'm Ready!

Living in The Moment

Saturday, December 28, 2013


First of all, Merry Christmas for those who celebrate! Have a great, festive, and of course, blessed Christmas! I personally love it when Christmas comes; people take out their Christmas tree, decorate it, put presents beneath it. December seems like the month full of happiness, warm and joy, despite the cold weather and winter (except the place where I live, of course). Oh, don't forget about Christmas sales and shoppings! Yay!

I spent most of my holiday... At home. Well, not until yesterday when (finally) I can went to whatever place that might interest me. Yes, I went to an exhibition called "Biennale Desain & Kriya Indonesia 2013" at Galeri Nasional Indonesia. Biennale Desain & Kriya Indonesia 2013 is a collaborative exhibition contributed by 98 people who work in creative industries such as graphic designer, interior designer, architect, fashion designer, and visual artist. The exhibition itself runs for a month started from December 19 2013 until January 19 2014. Here are some of the works that I captured:

Introducing Julio, my cousin. The one who always get into the frame when I rise up my camera. 



Okay, it's time for my random rant for yesterday's exhibition. There are 3 buildings for this exhibition. Unfortunately, I only visited 2 buildings which was building B and C. You know what? Building A blacked out, because the train station near us (re: Stasiun Gambir) was on fire and it implies to electricity cut. This is ironic when a big exhibition like this doesn't provide adequate facilities even for electricities. I pity some of the display that needs electricity to run, I can't even understand the message they want us to say. Sigh. 

Or am I just unlucky? I don't know. Looking forward for some other exhibitions like this in the future. :)

For Every People's First Love...

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Happy National Mother's Day!

Joie de Vivre

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Simple bliss or I may say, joie de vivre is when you're on your holiday and you do anything that please your heart, mind, and desire. Exactly. I am on my year end holiday, I had successfully nailed semester one and it's time to do things that I missed.

First, I draw (again, again, and again) like a crazy this holiday. Done a lot of portraits lately because I'm still bad at making a (communicative, expressive) facial expressions. Did you know that you can actually learn someone's traits just by drawing them? My high school art teacher once said that to me and I can't tell he was wrong now.

I was open for commission (which was only last for some few days), and guess what, I can earn some ka-chings while I'm drawing on my desk. These are some of my finished drawings of some celebrities I really want to post it here, hehe.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from BBC's Sherlock. Fun fact: They starred on the latest The Hobbit movie! And guess what? I just fell into dragon, if you know what I mean.


The one and only Lizzie Grant a.k.a Lana Del Rey. Just some tips for those who really want to practice or begin realistic drawing, try to draw Lana Del Rey. She's easier to draw than most other celebrities, in my opinion. And oh-- the roses made things more beautiful aren't them?


Hello there, Ringo! To be honest, I hate to draw hands. Try to made some funny 'optical illusions' with your drawing. It's fun!


Next, it's nice to remember all those things and efforts that I've done for semester one, especially for the finals last November. It's some kind of motivation for the next semester and so on to keep trying for your best and do your best effort for everything!


I am so happy to hear from my partner, Valencia Ng, that our Indonesian art and culture final was roof-rising! Yes, I had my first exhibition as a university student. We made ten postcards about Wayang's character. We let people left their comments in our display, and their comments are heartwarming and even surprising! Thank you guys we really appreciate your every single comment!


These three come from the drawing class. I can't wait for the next semester because we're gonna draw people! Woot woot!


And this one comes from the Basic Design class. I suck at making things stay on its place so here they are, so untidy and not-so-neat.


And... This one is another project for Indonesian art and culture. We made a carry pack about Majapahit kingdom, which was one of many big kingdoms ever built in Indonesia.


Lastly, what I love most in holidays is finally I can have a time for myself. A me time. Listen to musics, surfing in the internet, taking a nice walk, read some nice books, having a road trip, smells the petrichor, enjoying the nature, capturing nice photographs. Everything. 


Note: Pictures were taken with my phone camera. Some of them are posted on my instagram account: @novreica.

Journaling Business

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My deepest apologies for never making any attempt to write something in this virtual space, or drop even a simple 'hi' for you all to read. How's everything going? I'm sure all things go well. I finally reach the end of semester one of my study, and yeah, time flew so fast, in a blink of eye.

Let's get to the topic.

I am so proud of myself that I begin to write a journal in these past months. Yes, my life journal. Journaling business. Literally about everything that happening. Writing a journal has been my desire for a long time, but since my high school life is so much more hectic than now, to be honest, I should postpone it... Sigh.



Ta-da! Here it is! I bought this journal at a well-known local stationery store near my campus. A simple , plain journal ready to be scribbled, Yay!


A journal entry. I mostly described almost everything I had experienced. Even foods, yes foods that I ate.


A place to keep me inspired. I love to stick awesome artworks here. Those are illustrations by Russian artist, Sveta Dorosheva.


Last but not least... A place to unleash my inner fangirling desire. I'm such a freak!


You may ask me: Why keeping a journal? For me, I write because I always have that one weakness: I'm a forgetful person. Yes. I tried to write EVERY LITTLE THING that happened to me, or crossed my mind at some time. Yeah, it's like I had a grand idea in one moment and then some minutes later, *poof*, it's gone and I don't have any single clue of it. 

Just like what Will Self said: "Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.” You've got the point?

Then, I write keywords if I'm in my rush mode or something that is too private for some people to read. The most fun thing that I can do with this keywords and codes, is when you have that one friend that understand it. I have that person that I can share big laughter when she reads my journal and it was the most exciting thing to do while we've got nothing else to do.

Yes. Journaling business is fun. Super fun. Start now by get yourself a plain, simple journal and write anything you want. That journal is yours, so the rules is also yours.

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