Journaling Business

My deepest apologies for never making any attempt to write something in this virtual space, or drop even a simple 'hi' for you all to read. How's everything going? I'm sure all things go well. I finally reach the end of semester one of my study, and yeah, time flew so fast, in a blink of eye.

Let's get to the topic.

I am so proud of myself that I begin to write a journal in these past months. Yes, my life journal. Journaling business. Literally about everything that happening. Writing a journal has been my desire for a long time, but since my high school life is so much more hectic than now, to be honest, I should postpone it... Sigh.



Ta-da! Here it is! I bought this journal at a well-known local stationery store near my campus. A simple , plain journal ready to be scribbled, Yay!


A journal entry. I mostly described almost everything I had experienced. Even foods, yes foods that I ate.


A place to keep me inspired. I love to stick awesome artworks here. Those are illustrations by Russian artist, Sveta Dorosheva.


Last but not least... A place to unleash my inner fangirling desire. I'm such a freak!


You may ask me: Why keeping a journal? For me, I write because I always have that one weakness: I'm a forgetful person. Yes. I tried to write EVERY LITTLE THING that happened to me, or crossed my mind at some time. Yeah, it's like I had a grand idea in one moment and then some minutes later, *poof*, it's gone and I don't have any single clue of it. 

Just like what Will Self said: "Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.” You've got the point?

Then, I write keywords if I'm in my rush mode or something that is too private for some people to read. The most fun thing that I can do with this keywords and codes, is when you have that one friend that understand it. I have that person that I can share big laughter when she reads my journal and it was the most exciting thing to do while we've got nothing else to do.

Yes. Journaling business is fun. Super fun. Start now by get yourself a plain, simple journal and write anything you want. That journal is yours, so the rules is also yours.


  1. I really wanna write a journal too :D so happy everytime I saw someone write a journal like you know jessicaxu? hihi. But, I can't make a cute doodle there, so I always cancelled it :D keep writing! I love to see it!

    1. Yes, Ci Jessica is one of many journaling inspirations. I always love her journal writing. :D
      It's okay if you can't make some cute doodles, it takes quite a long time. I often write my journal without doodles or pictures because I'm too busy doing anything else, hehe. :p
      Thank you, JAL! Glad you like it. :)


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