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First of all, Merry Christmas for those who celebrate! Have a great, festive, and of course, blessed Christmas! I personally love it when Christmas comes; people take out their Christmas tree, decorate it, put presents beneath it. December seems like the month full of happiness, warm and joy, despite the cold weather and winter (except the place where I live, of course). Oh, don't forget about Christmas sales and shoppings! Yay!

I spent most of my holiday... At home. Well, not until yesterday when (finally) I can went to whatever place that might interest me. Yes, I went to an exhibition called "Biennale Desain & Kriya Indonesia 2013" at Galeri Nasional Indonesia. Biennale Desain & Kriya Indonesia 2013 is a collaborative exhibition contributed by 98 people who work in creative industries such as graphic designer, interior designer, architect, fashion designer, and visual artist. The exhibition itself runs for a month started from December 19 2013 until January 19 2014. Here are some of the works that I captured:

Introducing Julio, my cousin. The one who always get into the frame when I rise up my camera. 



Okay, it's time for my random rant for yesterday's exhibition. There are 3 buildings for this exhibition. Unfortunately, I only visited 2 buildings which was building B and C. You know what? Building A blacked out, because the train station near us (re: Stasiun Gambir) was on fire and it implies to electricity cut. This is ironic when a big exhibition like this doesn't provide adequate facilities even for electricities. I pity some of the display that needs electricity to run, I can't even understand the message they want us to say. Sigh. 

Or am I just unlucky? I don't know. Looking forward for some other exhibitions like this in the future. :)


  1. keren sekali....!
    Ohai CN, apa kabar? Its been long time, heheh

    1. Yes, it is! :D
      Halo :) hehehe kabar baik. :D


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