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This idea came across my mind when I had a chance to open up my hard disk drive (for portfolio purpose). Wouldn't it be nice to compile all of the artworks I've ever made ever since I was in junior high school (approx. 2008)? So, I started making collages containing my artworks, and I believe I still got plenty of them that are not listed here. 

So here it is, 2008-2013, and still counting.




A very honorable mention goes to my most favorite ever subject to draw, Paul McCartney. When I found these things in my hard drive, I can't believe that I've made a lot of progress because of him. I guess it's okay to have some "role model" that you can always draw when you get bored or something. Tee-hee. :)

Drawing Exhibition by Faber-Castell: "Ekspresi Indonesiaku"

A quiet late post, but still worthy enough, right? 

Last February I went to a drawings (and some) paintings exhibition held by probably the number one pencil brand in Indonesia (because, yeah, everyone's using that pencil), Faber-Castell. The exhibition was held in National Museum, Jakarta and contains mostly the finalists and champions of annual drawing competition held by Faber-Castell. There some of other artworks by notable artists like Beng Rahadian and Sweta Kartika.

These photos below are the artworks made by that notable artists. Enjoy!


An amazing work done by the comic artist, Beng Rahadian. The details are crazy!
I still can't believe that the picture on the left is a result of live painting. It is so nicely done and gee how I love the tone. The work on the right is quiet big and you'll not believe that the media is only pencils. 
The best artwork in the whole exhibition! It tells the story of Bharatayuddha War, as told in the epic Mahabharata.

Beautiful, too "niat" pieces by Sweta Kartika.

Sketch by Indonesian Sketchers.

The photos below are my top 5 for the competition artworks. Some of them are even made by a high school student! They are so talented, aren't they?

And finally, the proof that I've been here!

Oh, Whoa!



It's been a very long time. To be honest, I'm losing my sense and fondness of writing. Sigh. Because yeah right, I am so much better in pictures rather than blabbing all the way in form of words. Okay.  Semester two is kind of frustrating. It's not because of the amount of assignments they keep giving me, but it's because I start to feel peer pressure. I always loath peer pressure. People who are too ambitious, too restless, too tense, you name it. Those people who lost their souls because their ambition to create a perfect score. Well, that doesn't mean I'm always the lazy one, but come on. Those scores and GPA don't really decide your future. I always have my ideology that experiences and networking will really help you with your future. How about you? :)