Oh, Whoa!



It's been a very long time. To be honest, I'm losing my sense and fondness of writing. Sigh. Because yeah right, I am so much better in pictures rather than blabbing all the way in form of words. Okay.  Semester two is kind of frustrating. It's not because of the amount of assignments they keep giving me, but it's because I start to feel peer pressure. I always loath peer pressure. People who are too ambitious, too restless, too tense, you name it. Those people who lost their souls because their ambition to create a perfect score. Well, that doesn't mean I'm always the lazy one, but come on. Those scores and GPA don't really decide your future. I always have my ideology that experiences and networking will really help you with your future. How about you? :)


  1. yeesss. Agree, as long as you got 3GPA, it doesn't matter :) heheheh . Experiences and talent are the most important thing. Really break a leg for your next semester! That picture is really cute, can't wait to see the final result :) pretty roses.

    1. Yeah, high five! :D woot!
      Yeah this was an old project I made for Valentine's card. I'll post it soon! :)

  2. Absolutely agree!
    I started to feel the peer pressure too *sigh*
    Design is about how you enjoy the process, right? ;)
    Good luck!

    1. Yes, uni life is not really what I thought, ci... D:
      Thank you! :D I'll do my best. :D


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