I Love Doing What I'm Doing

I should have write more here.

The night before I had my orientation day, I asked my mom for some advices for being a university student. I can't sleep because my head and all over body was a catastrophe. Butterflies flew in my stomach. My heart skips a beat like hummingbirds. My head was a mixture of overwhelming fears and relief. My mom told me to just go on, because she believes that I have chosen the right path of my journey, and I'll love to walk every step of it. She believes I will enjoy every works that I'll do even the hardest ones. 

She was right.

A year has passed and I love doing what I'm doing.

Temporary Escapism


I used to have a lot of time to relax in times between June-August. But it all changed since I enter university. My university is considerably unusual because the trimester system that they applied since the year I enter, and it is excruciating since I've got only approximately 2 weeks for holiday. So, this is what I did for that short weeks of holiday.

Yes, I'm going back to my (parent's) hometown, Solo. And of course, don't forget to have a glimpse of Yogyakarta, because I've been missing this town for a while. I finally managed to take some museum and historical sites walk because it's been a very long time. Too bad I missed Museum Affandi because I haven't got much time to visit it.

One thing that I love about these two towns are... Their abundance of vintage stuffs and uncanny objects. I spent almost an afternoon just looking at vintage postcards I found in Malioboro street. I'm caught in awe with a block full of antique shops in Solo. So, calling all vintage and antique stuffs lovers in these two towns!

Another Journaling Business. This Time It's Moleskine

Happy 1st of August! For keeping my blog updated (I almost have a thought to abandon this blog for sure), I decided to upload some bits of my Moleskine journal. Enjoy!


I'm currently on my stressful week before the final week next week. I've got loads of things to do and I shouldn't be here supposedly. But yeah, I'm too unpredictable. See you when I see you, folks!