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I Love Doing What I'm Doing

I should have write more here.

The night before I had my orientation day, I asked my mom for some advices for being a university student. I can't sleep because my head and all over body was a catastrophe. Butterflies flew in my stomach. My heart skips a beat like hummingbirds. My head was a mixture of overwhelming fears and relief. My mom told me to just go on, because she believes that I have chosen the right path of my journey, and I'll love to walk every step of it. She believes I will enjoy every works that I'll do even the hardest ones. 

She was right.

A year has passed and I love doing what I'm doing.


  1. I remember that D-1 feeling! Hahahahahhahahaha! Reta had it too, right? :D

    1. I know right! Hahahaha! YES AND SHE CAN'T EAT FOR THE ENTIRE FEST! Hahahahahaha!

  2. Can't be more agree, so we wont find ourselves waiting for weekends because everyday feels like happiness for doing what we love. I love your blog and all your artworks anyway, you're such a talented one! x

    1. Yes, exactly! Hahaha! :D
      Thank you, dear. :) I'll check out your blog anyway. :)


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