Temporary Escapism


I used to have a lot of time to relax in times between June-August. But it all changed since I enter university. My university is considerably unusual because the trimester system that they applied since the year I enter, and it is excruciating since I've got only approximately 2 weeks for holiday. So, this is what I did for that short weeks of holiday.

Yes, I'm going back to my (parent's) hometown, Solo. And of course, don't forget to have a glimpse of Yogyakarta, because I've been missing this town for a while. I finally managed to take some museum and historical sites walk because it's been a very long time. Too bad I missed Museum Affandi because I haven't got much time to visit it.

One thing that I love about these two towns are... Their abundance of vintage stuffs and uncanny objects. I spent almost an afternoon just looking at vintage postcards I found in Malioboro street. I'm caught in awe with a block full of antique shops in Solo. So, calling all vintage and antique stuffs lovers in these two towns!

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