The Perks of Being a Visual Communication Design Student

An old illustration of mine back in 2013. This was used for a T-Shirt design competition held in my campus. Pretty much describing a visual communication student, right?

  1. There are TOO MUCH ways to express your creativity. Feeling down? You can always start to take your pencil and sketch. Trying to persuade people? Make visual medias. 
  2. Being a night owl is not a big deal, because you're getting used to it... Or maybe a big deal because tomorrow is the deadline.
  3. Whimsical tastes on almost everything. Because being mainstream is not really good for your designs.
  4. You will find yourself staring on good designs. And of course, being constantly bugged with bad designs.
  5. You will read more than ever. Trust me this is true.
  6. People will constantly tease you because you always draw. But don't you ever worry because your "they-said-nonsense" drawings make money. Kaching.
  7. Improved time management skills. There are lots of things to do and you better keep it on track, dude.
  8. Sometimes your works are even more famous than yourself, because this. Thing. Happened. To. Me. Twice. Or. More. Duh.
  9. There are lots of new words and vocabularies to brag on. Let me give you an example: It's no longer font. It's typeface.
  10. You will forced to be a lot more productive. 
  11. You will understand and laugh at designers and art students jokes around the internet. And relate them to your life.
  12. And... No matter how tired we are as a visual communication student, we always proud being one!

Thanks to Valencia Ng for asking this question via!


  1. HAHAH lanjutan dari pertanyaanku di ask fm ya

    1. YES with some additions especially number 11! HAHAHA. :D

  2. Ah, suka sekali gambarnya. Dan yang nomor 3 itu aku banget, hihihi :)


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