Jinbocho, Book Lovers' Paradise in Tokyo

Day 4
Locations: Jinbocho, Tokyo


Calling every book lovers all over the world! Jinbocho is a must visit district in Tokyo that sells varieties of books, from local Japanese language books, to vintage used English language books. They even sells antique scrolls which can be bought in a very high price. Finding the streets that are selling books are quiet easy, as they are placed beside a big road. My visit to Jinbocho is quietly an impromptu. Some few nights before I went to Tokyo, I found an article and you can read it here. And it was my inner-bookworm-soul that dragged me there, hehe. 

Look at all these books! This is one of many famous spots in Jinbocho. There are bookcases placed at the outside of the bookstore, and it was okay as the district was meant for books.

A spot from a music bookstore. Can you spot The Beatles? Hehe.

Pardon my too serious face.

Spotted an ethnic shop!

Stay tune for another post about my trip around Tokyo! I'll try to write as much as possible! See ya!

Traveling with Shinkansen and a Glimpse of Akihabara

Day 3
Locations: Across East Japan and Akihabara, Tokyo


Another first time experience I had while having my trip in Japan: Travelled from Osaka to Tokyo via the fastest bullet train in world, Shinkansen! Although Shinkansen ticket cost much more than regular train and even an airplane ticket, but it was easier to reserve a ticket because you can even get it the day you traveling with the train, even few minutes before the train departs! (Just like I did that day, hehe.)

Before I get on the train, I bought some foods and drinks to enjoy while I have my 2 hours and 30 minutes journey. Yes, it is allowed to bring your own foods and drinks to the train, but the train will offers you some varieties of snacks and drinks on the board though. The train was quite cozy and I am so lucky to have a seat next to the window!


The second time I saw snow was when the train were passing Kyoto prefecture. It was suddenly snowing and the land turned white. It was beautiful. I couldn't stop looking outside the window and taking some photos of it. Here are some beautiful shots I took. Sigh. I wish I could stop for a while and grab a handful of snow and build a snowman or yeah, do things with snow, haha! (Every people living in a tropical country's dream, maybe?)

Snow! Argh! Too happy!

Before arriving at Tokyo, I also had a chance to view the most majestic yet sacred mountain of Fuji. The mountain is very easy to recognize for its icy summit and it's literally taller than the other mountains surrounding it. I almost had no hope for seeing this beautiful view but I guess the Shinkansen trip was some kind of serendipity, eh? 


After spending 2 and a half hour on Shinkansen, I finally arrived in Tokyo! Tokyo is much more crowded and hectic than Osaka and it was almost 3 PM. I decided to go to Akihabara first, because I booked a hotel near the district. Akihabara is known as Tokyo's electronic city and it's full of gadgets and stuffs related to the technology, and pop cultures such as anime. This district is also known worldwide for its fancy cafes and restaurant. Yeah, I saw a lot of girls dressed up as french maids and guys dressed up as butlers to promote a local cafe.

After spending some time walking around the district, I decided to call it a day. We headed to the nearby hotel and took some rest. Stay tune for another post about my Japan trip, and for the next post, I will show you some hot and popular spots around Tokyo! See ya!

Slytherin for a Day

Day 2
Locations: Universal Studio Japan, Osaka Prefecture

I spent the entire second day of my trip to Osaka by playing in Universal Studio Japan. Yes, I chose Universal Studio Japan over Tokyo Disneyland thanks to my ultimate fandom to the Harry Potter series. The brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter was opened in USJ earlier this year and I was excited I decided to plan a trip to Japan, thus making this entire vacation was the result of my super short decision and over excitement to visit such place as Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Arrived 10 A.M. sharp, it was a cold and windy winter, hitting 1ÂșC. After I bought the tickets, I decided to hit the Harry Potter area first when I realized it was written in the ticket that I should book for my entrance time first. The park was crowded that day, so I've got the entrance to the area on 1.40 PM. I spent the rest of the time until 1.40 PM taking a stroll around the park.

Say hello to the cutest kitty!

By the way, there is a Harry Potter souvenir shop placed outside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and because of my excitement, I decided to visit it first. The goods that were sold were not as much as the one inside the Harry Potter area. I bought some merchandise for myself and friends, and the price was quite costly but hey where else I can get these precious stuffs?


1.40 finally came and guess what came into my mind: I decided to be a Slytherin for a day (some trivia: Slytherin is my Hogwarts house on Pottermore, which was not-so-me. I forced myself to become a Slytherin because I was once a Draco Malfoy fangirl. I am, supposedly, a Ravenclaw). I bought myself a Slytherin coat and doubled it with my outerwear. And oh, a scarf. I was so Slytherin there was a group of Korean girls asked me to take photo with them together. 


Yohoo Imma Slytherin yo.

There was an unforgettable thing the moment I step my foot on the Hogsmeade gate. I saw snow for the first time ever, which was unpredictable that time. There should be no snow in Osaka the time I visited Japan (And I can't really stand cold). And when I came to visit the Hogsmeade, God gave me that snow. I. Am. So. Grateful. The moment was so good I nearly cried.

There are two different areas that set the Wizarding World of Harry Potter apart. First, it is Hogsmeade, the first thing you'll be seeing the first time you set your foot in the Harry Potter area. Hogsmeade contains of many shops based on the real shops in the Harry Potter series you can explore or you can buy some unique souvenirs here. There is also a restaurant in this area, but too bad I don't have the chance to get into the restaurant because it was so crowded that time. And don't forget the Hogsmeade station, where Hogwarts express arrived and also the beginning of an exciting adventures ahead!


The available shops in the Hogsmeade area in USJ are Filsch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods, Honeydukes (that are awfully crowded), Zonko's Joke Shop, Ollivander's Wand Shop, and Dervish and Banges.

The second area is the magical school, Hogwarts castle. There are two attractions inside the castle, which are Hogwarts tour, and a ride called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I had the chance to enjoy both of the rides and it was super worth it! Spoiler: I freaked out when the dementors showed up.


I also tried Butterbeer! Butterbeer was originally served in the Three Broomsticks Inn, which was functioned as the restaurant in the area. But in here, Butterbeer came in somekind of food truck and it served both hot and cold Butterbeers. The taste... Was not really good as I expected because it was too creamy and sweet, but it's pretty worth the try if you are really a hardcore fan of Harry Potter series.


Pardon my red face, because it was super cold my hands went numb.

At the late afternoon, there was a special performance from the students of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute called "Triwizard Spirit Rally", based on the fourth Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The attraction itself was hosted by a staff that somehow dressed up as a prefect in Hogwarts. They just putting me in awe!


After spending almost the whole day inside the area, I decided to call it a day because it's getting darker (sunset in Japan on winter is approximately at 5 PM) and colder (yeah, almost freezing). I am so happy to have this experience and it was such a wonderful day I had. Stay tune for more stories I had from my trip to Japan!

And for the bonus, I gave you my Harry Potter stuffs hauls!


I just came back from an amazing trip to Japan for a week (which was on my wishlist this year and oh, how I am so happy to finally arrived there!) and spent 2 more days in Bali. I'm so excited that I will write about my getaway in the following posts. 

I am so proud to say that this is the very first time ever I have visited a place without the help from tour and travel services. Yes, I did it from zero. Searching places I want to explore, planning my own itinerary, going to and fro between Tangerang and Jakarta to get my visa, listing all of the things I should bring, and even buying myself winter overcoat. It was a nice experience to prepare all of those things all by myself.

Japan has been on my top-list for places I want to go. I grew up abundantly influenced by Japanese pop culture (you remember those Sunday morning animes? That's my childhood) and probably, one of the most potential reasons I really want to visit Japan is: the brand new Wizarding World of Harry Potter that was opened last summer. The other reasons including my interest in Japanese art, traditional culture, and graphic design.

So let's start, shall we?