This is Just a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life

First week of semester five, and suddenly, BAM! Five deadlines due for next week. Okay, let me do some brief descriptions: two designs should be ready by this weekend, including 30 logo sketches and 3 alternative packaging designs for a brand that I never heard before. Followed by a journal to be read and reviewed, and two tremendous presentations coming up next week.

Wow. Just wow.

I feel even more sadder when I had a discussion with my friend at lunch, discussing about productivity and some incoming organizational events that my friend is gracefully being offered, while I'm not. I never blame anyone for this. I just keep on blaming myself for being a stupid personality who never really fits in society. 

I'm sorry for being such a complete weirdo. 

The only thing that relieves me now is just writing this maybe useless words to this space. Maybe if you mind, please don't read this. I can't help but write this. Hehe. Sorry! Here's some catchy tunes you might want to hear, especially ones who currently feeling the same as I do.



All that I need now, is for the rain to fall from the sky... To wash away my pain inside.


  1. oh well, I'm not good in fitting in the society too :) But sometimes I struggle with it. Yeah, just for the sake of "experiences'' in our CV -___- Maybe you wanna give it a try someday?

    REALLY hope you done great in Semester 5! I'm struggling it too now and will be facing the finals next week. And yes, it's extremely exhausting! GodBless you!

    1. Yes, I found it hard to do so. I don't know if it's everyone's problem too. :(
      I would love to work on something else besides university assignments especially that involves organization, but I always struggle with people. Like there's only 1:1000 chance I get on well with other people. Sigh.
      Thank you, dear! I hope you're doing well on your study too! Thanks a million for your support! :D Your respond encourage me to ace this semester!

  2. Wow hey, stumbled across your blog and happened to read this sad little post. I can somehow relate to your rant about not fitting in the society. But hey, everyone is a misunderstood weirdo until they find their personal brand of `society`. There's somewhere out there where you can fit perfectly in. :D

    Have a good day! ;)

    1. Ah thank you Fransisca for your lovely comment. I'm literally smiling right now reading it, hehe. :)
      Yes, I believe somewhere out there people will accept me for who I am and I could perfectly fit in there.
      It's just me who's too tired that day lol. :D Thanks again, dear!

  3. good luck with your homeworks there, hun ;)
    and cheer up!


  4. Wow! Me too! I think we have the same kind of personality ;) I kinda find it hard to fit in the society. So I try to join organization just for the sake of a good CV also lol xD

    Good luck for your 5th semester, dear!

    1. Hello! Wow, it's somehow pleasant to know that I'm not the only one who feels like a weirdo. :)
      Yes, I joined some organization in my uni and I guess it's still hard for me to keeping up all things to stay okay. I guess I should keep on learning how to do it well.
      Thanks, dear! I will! :D


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