Last 2 Weekends

One of breakthroughs I try to make in 2015 is to begin a new (hopefully good) habit, which is having at least one museum, gallery, or festival visit per week, especially on the weekend. It was nice that I finally made this for the last 2 weeks. Hopefully, I can write all of my visits here  in my blog. So, here we go!



It was a nice, warm, Sunday afternoon when I set up my foot in Galeria Fatahillah after having some museum walk in Kota Tua, Jakarta (Trivia: Those Museums are Jakarta History Museum a.k.a. Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta Arts and Ceramics Museum, and Wayang Museum). There is an art exhibition held in the gallery, titled Art & Toilet: Bringing Back the Glory of The Past, curated by dr. Oei Hong Djien and Han Awal. Something that intrigued me as I enter the venue was a big, sticker quote on the wall that said:

"... Kota Tua harus membenahi dahulu masalah air seni sebelum apresiasi seni dapat dilakukan sepenuhnya..." 
- Lin Che Wei

The quote written and the title of the exhibition then made sense. It was the ideal concept of Jakarta as a clean, healthy, and immaculate city that were being the matter of concern of the exhibition. This exhibition opened my eyes about how Jakarta in the past can actually putting someone in awe, therefore the venue was named that way. 

The problem is, frankly, do we still care about that ideality?


The exhibition features some notable artists including the legendary straight-from-tube painter Affandi and Soedjojono. It was a nice, spacey place where you can actually have your own time to see, feel, and contemplate the arts themselves. 

I had a chance to met Mr. Bayu Wardhana, one of the artist who was there doing his project. We're also having some nice talk for some minutes and he showed me his collections and explained every little detail in it. 

It was a nice talk with the artist. Until we meet again, sir! :)

The exhibition still open for public until May 3 2015.

Art & Toilet: Bringing Back the Glory of the Past

Galeria Fatahillah
2nd Floor, Kantor Pos Taman Fatahillah
Jl. Taman Fatahillah no. 3
Jakarta 11110, Indonesia



Some few weeks ago my mom read about currently one of the trendiest market in Jakarta for the moment, Pasar Santa and asked me if I could go with her. "Of course! Sure, I will!" I replied in a jolly. So, that was the initial plan. A very impromptu plan.

It was a Saturday the day I went to Pasar Santa, and it was very very very very packed with cars and I can't even find a spot to park. So, we didn't make it to the market and headed straight to Nadi Gallery, where Titik Temu 6: Genetika, an exhibition by my seniors were held. The gallery was a nice, tranquil place and I love to stay and linger there for some long moments.


"Setiap dari kita berbeda, setiap dari kita adalah satu." 

The main theme of the exhibition is about identity. Each of us were different. We are made of a lot of things. We are unique and a result of acculturation. Those things were reflected on each pieces of visual art in this exhibition. It was nice to see some different approach people made in this exhibition as I saw every single pieces of it.

A mixed media installation by Evelyn Lindartono and Dhiyan Faza Khalisa

Lasercut on wood by Meiliana Kartaatmadja, Cindy, and Shellina Maria Thenata

A mixed media installation by Veronika Kiranaindra, Valeri Leoni Gunadi, and Sherlyn Fierliani

Some card prints by various artists.

"Blooming series" and "Comfort Zone"
Pieces by fellow blogger Jessica Xu

"The Ingredients of Me"
by Meiliana Kartaatmadja

"Pandora's Box"
Ink and marker on paper by Talula Zuhra Soenharjo

Some souvenirs.

The exhibition was held until last Monday, February 23 2015. Unfortunately, I can't really enjoy all of the works that were there because some of them were already gone (or I simply didn't make it). But it was a great exhibition! Don't forget to visit the gallery, they frequently held some exhibitions there.

Nadi Gallery
Jl. Kembang Indah III Blok G3 no.4-5
Puri Indah, Jakarta 11610, Indonesia


  1. Aaah lmyn deket rmh gw ini, nyesel banget gak kesini gara-gara UTS :(

    1. Oh, is it the Nadi Gallery one? Seru bgt mereka sering ada pameran hahaha.
      Sayang bgt kayany itu bakal jd pameran terakhir gitu. Moga2 ntar pas angkatan gw ad lg hahaha. :D

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