Farewell, Professor!


Wednesday, 11th March 2015. We, designers, were shocked and in a total devastation to hear about one of our inspirations' passing, Prof. Drs. Yongky Safanayong, in the age of 64 years old. The professor had been ill for several months.

Pak Yongky was my studio lecturer when I was in my third semester. Although he often being absent in his lecture due to his illness, he taught me a lot of important and valuable lessons, not only about design, but also about life. One of the most remarkable lessons I learned from him is to always endeavor and learn something new, with no age limitation. I remember he always said to us while teaching that he always wanted to learn more about calligraphy in the future, regardless the time that maybe he had. Well. He's such a hard worker.

He's one of many people in this world that I really adore. I am very lucky to know him personally, and learned lots of things from his own experience. Here's a message from Pak Yongky in an interview for all designers. This successfully made me broke in tears. 


Rest in peace, Pak Yongky. Until we meet again.

"We shouldn't look for stability. We must keep on going and growing until the day we die."
-Yongky Safanayong

An Impromptu Walk


I had ethics mid term test that day and somehow the class ended way earlier that I ever guessed (the class started at 7 AM and ended an hour later). I decided to do another gallery walk after I managed to finished a work for a deadline on the Friday way more earlier too than I expected. This was the result: A sudden visit to Galeri Nasional, Jakarta! The current exhibition held there is Aku Diponegoro: Sang Pangeran dalam Ingatan Bangsa, dari Raden Saleh Hingga Kini.


The number one highlight of this exhibition is one of the masterpiece by the maestro Raden Saleh which titled "Penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro". It was so majestic I can't believe I saw the real painting with my own eyes. Okay, so this exhibition is also featuring a lot of works by contemporary artists with their own perspective about Pangeran Diponegoro himself. Let's say a deconstructivism work by an artist recapturing the feelings when he saw Raden Saleh's painting. Or someone who intentionally paint on a Prince Amplifier and then rename it as "Prince Diponegoro Rocks"? And oh, don't forget about a whole installation that displayed his authentic weapons and tools.

This exhibition was very worthy to visit while you're craving to do some artsy and cultural thing in your spare time. There's also a souvenir store located near the main exhibition. I mean, come on, who doesn't love to do some souvenir shopping?

A beautiful notebook I bought from the exhibition.


The exhibition is currently still open until tomorrow, March 8 2015. The exhibition is open for public and it's free of charge.

Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No.14
Gambir, Jakarta Pusat 10110, Indonesia