"Good Design is Goodwill" -Paul Rand

Good day, mate. I finally found a new, better way to keep myself blogging. It's by writing some thoughts and opinion that someone asked me via ask.fm here, in my blog. It's way better than writing them on the spot, for there were some limitation such as you can only put a picture while you can put gazillions of videos (which I find it super weird). So, here we go.

This question came from an anonymous, which is exactly the point of ask.fm: to be an anonymous to deal with someone else's life.


I started my freelance experience since I graduated from high school (I wrote a story about it here) and I've been experiencing those bad things since that time. There are genuinely dozens of them, but I'll share it for you some of them that bother me TOO MUCH:

The most annoying thing that clients had ever done to me is to hit and run. Basically, we dealt about the design, I've done all the things that should've been done and then poof, the client's gone without any trace, without any transactions. This is the worst because, it seems that you are untrusted. If you're going to be a designer, there are at least a hit and run encounter that happened to you. And no, it doesn't mean you're no good enough. It means they're stupid. :)

Then, there's always that time when your client really want you to do their favor... Too much. I had this one client who made me do thousands of minor revision every single hour of the day, which implying on massive crash to my laptop. This is really annoying. Yes, we, designers must do our job to get a life, but we also have a life to do. I can't sit on my laptop 24/7 tweaking on your endless revisions. So, the only way to get rid of this annoying thing is to be clear and make your own rule. For me, I set on maximal revisions of three times, and if the revisions are exceeding the deal: Extra payment. Yes please. :)


This thought always came to my mind, as I waiting to client's respond or while getting ready for another revision: Why am I being a graphic designer? We knew all those horrible things that happened: clients from hell, underpaid designers, and discrimination toward designers especially in the country where I lived. 

I may said, what we get is not as much that we give.  It's tiring to be a graphic designer. Physically, to spend most of our times in front of our computer, tweaking on the most working design. Mentally, to deal with people.

But, it isn't tiring when it comes to the final revision. That hellish client finally smiled. But it isn't tiring when it comes to working design. Teenagers asked their parents to buy them a new phone while looking at a billboard on the highway. People broke into tears and empathy when they see a social campaign against domestic abuse. Children laughed when reading a story book with a cute, imaginative characters.

Yes, I said it was tiring. But it all paid off.

I never regret my decision being a graphic designer.

Making a design; a good design, is goodwill.


Well, that's all for today's kinda deep thoughts of mine. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. 

Bye, for now.


  1. hello, I was blogwalking and found this site.

    I love your opinions about being a graphic designer and I agree with you. It's tiring but it's a joy when the client is finally satisfied with our work. :)


    1. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. :)
      Glad you had your time reading this thought of mine. :)
      Will sure check on your blog. :D

  2. waduuh bahasa inggris
    yang gue paham mba Claudia jadi graphic design sejak lulus dari sma
    sorry ya mba bahasa inggris gue cetek banget

    1. Halo! :D
      Haha gapapa kok. :)
      Bahasa inggris saya juga gak bagus2 amat. :p

  3. "Good design is goodwill" daaaamn, gonna need that on a shirt hahaha. Great post btw, your dedication to the craft is awesome.

    1. I know right! :)
      Found that amazing quote in one of my lecturer's book. Supposed to post the whole excerpt here soon. :D
      Btw nice idea! Will make that one damn tshirt soon. And thanks for reading hahaha. :D

  4. oh yes, i can totally relate to this! it is true how design is not that appreciated in our country. they think it's easy so it is cheap, but in reality it is much more complicated.
    tetap semangat freelance work-nya! and of course, tetap semangat mendesain! :)

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

    1. That's true! :') Every time I work for a client I have to tell them how significant a design can build an image. The execution is also painful. So, without good cooperation with the cleint, good design won't work!
      Thank you! :) Will have a visit to your blog soon. :D

  5. great read! aaa~ reminds me of the days i've done commission art back in those days.
    i truly paid off when you get a happy customer in the end. kinda gives you the sense of accomplishment when you see them being excited and happy of your work.

    thank you for visiting my blog~
    wanna follow each other? your blog have great reads. :D

    everything magical

    1. Thanks for reading! :D Yes, it feels so good when you finally can do what your client wishing for. :) Satisfying! :D
      Sure thing. :)

  6. I agree too much with this post! xD
    Plus, paling gak suka sama orang yg minta dibuatin design yang setelah dikasih pricelist malah bilang (misal) "mahal bgt ya 50rb? kurangin lah mba 25rb aja ya?" DUH. :(( padahal harga yg dikasih udah lowprice bgt, tapi yah begitulah. "gambar doang kan gampang ka" "ngedesain apa susahnya sih km" :(( hancur hatiku.
    Btw I'm following you now. :D


    1. Wah, iya banget. Terpaksa banget harus sedikit "mengedukasi" lagi si klien yang sukanya murah2in harga tapi ga rasional. :(
      Thank you! :D Really appreciate that! :D

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  8. Hi there!

    I've been hearing alot of stories from my graphic designer friends, reading yours is just the same case with them. You know, I once wanted to be a designer in high school, tapi ternyata aku nggak punya talenta yang keren kayak kamu untuk bisa jadi desainer hahaha *gambargarislurusajanggakbisa*. Tapi somehow aku ngerti banget kalau pandangan org2 di sekitar kita ini terhadap profesi desainer dan karyanya. But as long as you love what you do, aku percaya semua yg baik bakal dikembaliin ke kamu (:

    Stay awesome dan terus semangat!


    1. Hello! Aaaa thanks for your comment, it made my day seriously hehehe. :)


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