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Brain Teasers

The fact that Eddie Redmayne (as seen in films such as Les Miserables and The Theory of Everything), will have the honor to star as Newt Scamander in the new Harry Potter spin-off movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I've been his fangirl since his amazing performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, because you know; Tall, brooding, long-faced, British accented men never cease to make me... Sigh... Fall in love. 

The fact that Sylvia Plath's quotes always resonate my visions and ideologies in life:

“I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited.” 

And, oh, introducing The Bell Jar, her novel that I bought when I was 16 years old: full of life confusions and currently suffering from self-identity crisis.

The fact that searching for a random Tibetan girl in the middle of philosophy class and then draw them on your notebook is always the best way to keeps me awake. By the way, there's this one beautiful movie that tingled my mind these past days. Take a look. Simply beautiful. This movie is my number one for the most beautiful movie ever.

The fact that drawing your favorite blogger brings you inspirations. Meet Evita Nuh, a blogger I know for years and yes, she's inspiring. It's somehow interesting to watch her since she was around 10 and now she's teenager. 

The fact that working on this painting is such a pain in the ass (not literally) and back (literally). Yes, I join painting class for elective this semester and it's such a fun time for me to explore several art movements and styles. And oh, this one's dadaism.

The fact that books will always be my loyal friend, whenever and wherever I am.


  1. Lovely pictures! And that illustration of Evita Nuh is soo awesome!!<3


  2. hi ci! lagi baca tetralogi pulau buru ya? favoritku Bumi Manusia ;)

    1. Halo! Iya nih, lagi mau coba baca empat2nya. Sekarang baru nyampe Anak Semua Bangsa hehehe. :)
      Yeaaa, it was good. I love the message of the story. :D

  3. Aku belum pernah nonton Samsara, jadi penasaran. Gambarnya Chaca bagus banget, mirip :) Btw, aku juga baca buku-bukunya Pram dan Harper Lee, keren :))

    1. Halo kak Indi. Terima kasih sudah baca blogku. :D
      Wah, Samsara memanjakan mata banget, Kak. :) Dijamin pasti pengen travel abis nonton filmnya, ahaha.
      Thanks a lot kak! I really appreciate it. :)
      Wah, memang dua penulis yg d atas legendaris deh. :)

  4. Wow you are so good in art! :o I wonder where do you live? I'd love to meet you one day. I live in Jogja, btw. And I'm a member of my faculty's art group. In fact, I'm one of the head department there. I really really want to meet you in person. Who knows, maybe you can share a thing or two to my other friends? How does that sound?


    1. Hello from Tangerang, a small town near Jakarta! :D
      Wow, I will loved to! :) How can I contact you further, dear? :D

  5. Helloo~~~~! I always love how you draw :"D It has been a while and I missed tons of awesomeness here! Huhu. Now that I am somewhat free I wanna catch up with your blog XD btw, should we do art trade? XD

    1. Aaaa! My old friend is here! :D So happy! Hahaha. :')
      Thanks for catching up here hehehe. I decided to be more active in blogging from this day on. :')
      SURE! Let's do an art trade!! I really love to! :D

  6. Your drawings are so amazing and inspiring!



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