Sixth Semester

Hello! It's finally August, and we know what it means: Another two weeks semester break! After spending most of my times in front of my laptop, tweaking on the three musketeers (that infamous Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and inDesign), I finally had the time to shut my eyes for a bit and loosen up the tense I had for the past months.

So, for this time, I would like to share a bit about semester 6 recap and some projects that I've made. Basically, this semester is a little bit easier than the previous semester, thanks to the group works in every each of the subject. I got some of the best people to work with, so they really help me through the semester. Another interesting thing for this semester is I can finally pick subjects for electives. I decided to pick painting lesson this semester because it is an interesting subject and it's been a long time since I made my last painting. Time to awake those need-to-paint sense inside of me!

For the elective, I made 5 paintings from many art movements; realism, abstract expressionism, cubism, and dadaism. By the end of the semester, the final will be an exhibition, showcasing some of the curated works of students. I had the chance to be the part of committee and be the one who design the publication and then finding the name of the exhibition. So, for this exhibition, I named it MERAKI, which is a beautiful Greek word that means "to do something with soul, creativity, or love and to put something of yourself into what you're doing". It perfectly matches with paintings, because, yes, paintings are made with soul, creativity, or love and you put yourself into it. Thanks to a fabulous blog named otherwordly for providing me some beautiful words to use (and Valen for introducing me to this kind of world!).

The exhibition was held during the finals week, which is last week, from 3rd until 7th August. A total of thirty works are displayed for the exhibition. I contributed 3 of my works for the exhibition, which were a dadaism, cubism, and absract expressionism works.

For my dadaism entry, I made a painting about racism in Indonesia, especially based on my own experience. Basically, it's about how I feel about racism, which is somehow... captivating, as pictured literally in the painting. For cubism, I've made a visual of my number one inspiration in everything: my study spot and books. The theme is about how I describe myself. Books always my number one thing to describe me, eh? Lastly, is an abstract expressionism painting I made while listening a song. For this one, I listened to a Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack titled: Simple Symphony, Op. 4 - 2. Playful Pizzicato.

Introducing the crews: Valerie Wirjaatmadja - Adi Djohan - Claudia Novreica - Evan Wijaya - our two models Marcella Febrianne and Ferdie Sundjoyo - and last but not least the photographer Kevin Geraldo.
Studio is always been my major subject for every semester. For this semester, it's a long term project about making advertisings and visual strategies for Waterbom, a well-known waterpark in Jakarta. We made everything from the scratch, and then it goes to research, brainstorming, making the concept, and finally the execution. There are of course, sleepless nights during the process, but we really enjoy making this. 

Our Waterbom project will be available to check out soon on my Behance and Kreavi account.

Introducing the crews: Valencia NgValerie Wirjaatmadja - Claudia Novreica 

And... This one's a project for publication design final, which is making a whole magazine. I'm saying whole means there are a lot of things to make, literally. We made a graphic standard manual, the magazine itself, and a digital publication version of the magazine. This is one of the most overwhelming projects that we've got this semester, but finally, we finally finished them.

Our MILES magazine project will be soon available at my Behance and Kreavi account.

Introducing the crews: Valerie Wirjaatmadja - Claudia Novreica - Evan Wijaya

This one's a project for design management. We are given an opportunity to do the marketing strategy for any Indonesian brand that are in need for it. So, we choose Lion Air, an Indonesian flight company for it. This project is somehow interesting, because we're given the opportunity to do just the same as a professional graphic designers do, such as setting the price that the client should pay and do our pitching in front of the client.

The project will be soon available at my Behance and Kreavi account.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I writing it. Have a nice day. See you soon.


  1. All the paintings look so amazing! And yours, of the cave, looks a lot like a cave that I recently visited! (I have pictures on my blog if you want to see)


    1. Hi and thanks, Annika! :)
      I found the reference picture somewhere in the internet and I was mesmerized by its beautiful view. I guess it's a cave somewhere in Europe? Hehehe. :)

  2. Oh my you're great at everything. So happy that you could really do good in DKV. Wish you become a successful designer, Novreica. And all the best for the final semester :)

    1. Hi, Janice! :)
      Thank you dear. I'm not really good at some subjects but I tried my best for it hehehe. :)

  3. Whoaaah neat work! <3
    Fancy the paintings, aha x.


  4. Awesome paintings!! Keren bangeettt<3



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