Exploring Bunaken

Hello! I just came back from a weekend getaway last week to Manado, North Sulawesi and I had some really great time exploring the beauties inside of it. The vacation is for 2 days and 3 nights, spending a day for exploring some beautiful islands such as Bunaken, and spending the next day exploring the city and some other regions such as Tomohon and Minahasa. This post will talk about the first day I had in Bunaken, that is well known worldwide for its beautiful diving site.

I bought myself an action camera (some kind of Go Pro camera) especially for this Manado trip (and hopefully will use it for other trips in the future). The camera worked perfectly fine and the result is quite legit, especially for the underwater shots.

Chilling around at Bunaken's nearest island, Siladen.

Our breakfast, Manadonese Nasi Kuning.

Meet the crew: Dad - Me - Mom - My brother, Duff.

Around Bunaken Island. It's an incredibly nice place for a weekend getaway.

Before snorkeling. I should do a bun for my hair.

Some underwater shots.

Bunaken is really beautiful. It took me around a half of hour from Manado to get there with a small ship. The island's providing us some things needed for snorkeling such as flippers, goggles, and swimsuits. The diving site is a steep, underwater cliff with thousands of corals and reefs attached to it. It was a really great experience I had there, but don't forget to be careful to not touching or grabbing the corals. I got some cuts while diving (I was so afraid a shark would come near us because of my blood! Hahaha) on my arms and legs. 

I really wish to dive here, but doing so requires diving certifications and some training. 

Of course, I'll be back to Bunaken... After I got my diving license. Hehehe.

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