September Higlights

#1: Bucket List Checked - Having my artwork displayed in an exhibition outside my uni.

This is a simple artwork I submitted for ISI Yogyakarta's biennially event, Diskomfest. This year's theme is about Future Food. The inspiration came from how we see social media as a facility where we can find where to eat next and it goes on and on until it became a lifestyle nowadays. 

The event itself was so exciting. It is interesting that the event took place in a market. I never seen or attend an art event in a market before. 

#2: No more student council... and being a committee in campus activities.

Au Revoir, Academic division and HMDKV! 

Thank you for the amazing year and glad to have you all as a team.

#3: Initiating a new business.

My two friends and I finally (have the guts) to open for business, which is still, related to graphic design, illustration, photography, and videography.

Yes, since we're open to business, don't hesitate to email us:

#4: Finally choosing a topic for my final uni project.

Too fast, isn't it? I can't believe I will have my first concept presentation for final project by the end of the year. There will be also massive paper writing and revisions for this semester.

And yes, I will do a (big) illustration project for my final. Wish me luck!


  1. wow, Claudia! Congrats for all of your achievements :) Glad to read this post. The future food in 2D design was too cute, I can't even! Hihihi. And yes, it was so fast. You already having a final uni project. But, we're on a same way now. Me too, on final uni project now.

    Tough luck for your Eureka Design Projects!

    1. Hello, Janice! Thank you! It was a great experience. :) I still can't belive my eyes that I'm having my final project. :( Moga2 lancar amin! :D

      Yeeha! Thanks a lot, dear! :)

  2. congratulation on the awesome achievements!
    all the best for Eureka designs! :)
    kinda makes me pumped up to start mine.

    everything magical

  3. Beautiful illustrations! I love it:) I greet:)


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