Sunday, October 18, 2015

Do you ever feel missing a place you never visit before? Like... how you miss its beautiful old buildings, the smell of its petrichor in the lazy afternoon, the voice of people chattering and slurping their cuppa of tea in the café, the feel of walking on the sandy beach, the taste of its well-known gelato, and many else you can actually write them down here (if you have your time).

I was born always wanderlust. Raised by two traveling parents (guess what do they do), I was faced with the fact that I should visit places by the time I was older. I was overwhelmed with thousands of mementos that my parents brought me after their visits. I was enchanted on how beautiful the sights they have for their photographs background.

Just like my parents whom started their journey when they were 20, I want to initiate my own now.

Someday, for the love of God, I will step my foot on places I've never know before.


  1. Ah I think I can understand this feeling... Hopefully you'll soon start your journey and meet wonderful people along the way! :)

    1. Yeah, I read your older post about missing some places and being in wanderlust state, I think I can totally relate. :')

  2. good luck on starting your journey :D


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