Malaysia Trip Journal #2: Putrajaya, Petaling Street, and Central Market

I had a nice sleep and woke up before dawn the next day. Made a cuppa and watched TV (although I didn't fully understand what Malaysians said on it. They had this Islamic morning devotion thingy show every morning, just like Indonesia.). Took a nice, warm shower and ready to explore what Kuala Lumpur has to offer us. Today, I decided to spend more time inside Kuala Lumpur, strolling around the city and discover some new places that might tingle my curiosity.

The first place I'd went to is a place that shaped and control Malaysia as a whole nation. It was the federal administrative centre of Malaysia, located 25 km south from Kuala Lumpur, named Putrajaya. It was a beautiful, well-planned, and aesthetically decent governmental area. It amazed me. The first stop I had in Putrajaya is Putra Square. This place offered me some nice view of Putra Mosque, the Prime Minister's Office, and a river located around the corner of the square.

Captured below, is how the Malaysia's Prime Minister's Office looks like. Heavily influenced by Islamic architecture and its ideology, the building's mint coloured dome looks beautiful in the blue sky.

These flags below are placed in the centre of Putra Square. It shows Malaysian flag, and supposedly the flag of monarchies of Malaysia. I almost get blinded taking the picture because it was a really hot, sunny day. Shades are essential when it comes to travelling to Putrajaya.

Putra Mosque is grandeur. There's a promenade located near the mosque where you can take some walk while enjoying the view of the river and Putra mosque from a different perspective. And if you're stomach growling, there's always a food court to treat the monster inside your tummy, haha.

The two pictures below were taken while I'm inside the bus. I saw a public park inside of this area with a swimmable pool and saw bunch people playing in it. Some view that I can never had in my country. 

What else I can say about this place? It's really well-designed, and placed in a really strategic place for a governmental area.

After having lunch at a shopping mall in Bukit Bintang (near the hotel), I decided it would be a nice idea to take some afternoon walk... Using public transportation in Kuala Lumpur! So, I walked from Bukit Bintang to Raja Chulan, the nearest monorail station and headed to Pasar Seni, a shopping district with the famous Petaling St. Chinatown and Central Market in it.

Petaling St. was packed with people and vendors! They sell mostly merchandises, clothes, shoes, and bags with much cheaper prices. You can also bargain with the seller so if you're good at bargaining, this is the right place where you can get stuffs you like on its cheapest price, haha!

After I walked through the whole Petaling St., it's time to move on to Central Market, an art market that sells lots of artistic items and merchandises. The market itself was inside a supposedly old, blue building, with Central Market written on it. The market can be reached in some minutes walk from Petaling St.

Central Market is awesome! The place is quite cool with air-conditioning so I can finally chill after spending hours under the heat. The market is divided into some areas, based on the items that were sold origins. If you're looking for a Chinese antiques, you can go to the Chinese sections. If you're looking for some local products, you can go to the local sections, and so on.

Captured below is how Central Market looks like inside.

A Chinese themed merchandise shop. Red is everywhere.

Shots that were taken on my way home to the hotel at Bukit Bintang.

For those who like to shop in a much cheaper price, these two places might be a perfect place to visit while you're having your trip in Kuala Lumpur!

Stay tune for another journal entry of my trip to Malaysia!
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  1. hwaa nice trip kak! jadi pengen ke malaysia jugaa. itu emang iseng2 kemana-mana terus nemu tempat apa dr guide?:D

    1. Halo, Ratri! Thank you udah sempetin baca hehehe. :)
      Iya, jadi malen sebelumnya browsing dulu tempat2nya sama gimana caranya bisa ke sana. Sama pas jalan ke sananya harus sering2 liat map. Aku aja suka nyasar2 kalo nyari tempat hehehe. :p

  2. glad you took a memorable trip before new semester begins! because idk if it's just me but last semester wore me and close ones out pretty bad :'
    the scenery in Putrajaya is really pretty (wonder when Indonesia will 'beautify' their historical government building...) I love that shot of you with white blouse btw!!

    1. Yes! I'm also glad to finally having a proper holiday after those hellish days of thesis writing with tons of other projects and the list goes on. T.T I'm just so tired and just went to a hybernate on the end of the semester. xD
      It's so nice to see how people abroad beautify their federal governmental area. The area is also located in a more secluded place, so it feels much more peaceful.
      Thank you, btw! :D


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