Malaysia Trip Journal #3: KLCC and Dataran Merdeka

This post probably be the last post for my journal of my trip to Malaysia. For this last day, I went to KLCC, the very centre of Kuala Lumpur, and Dataran Merdeka, some kind of the Old City of Kuala Lumpur where several museums, historical buildings, and library are there. Today's trip took much shorter time than yesterday, due to the time to leave for the airport back to Jakarta is around 3 PM that day.

So, it's actually very easy to get to KLCC from Bukit Bintang. There's a indoor access that you can walk through via one of the shopping malls in Bukit Bintang named Pavilion. The indoor access will get you to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and KLCC Park, which is already a part of KLCC area. You can see Kuala Lumpur's most famous landmark, Petronas Twin Tower from KLCC park or even closer. Here's a (not-so) candid picture of me walking down the hallway to KLCC.

Below, the scenery in KLCC park. It was a serene morning that day. I spent some of my time walking around in the park. People were having their morning jog here.

Since the lack of time I had that day, I decided to take the picture of the Petronas Twin Tower from KLCC park. It's time to move on to another place!

Well, this place is actually not in my number one list, but I think it's a must visit place since Petronas Twin Tower is a famous landmark of Kuala Lumpur. Visiting this place in the evening might be better! The tower will be beautifully illuminated.

My final list of places to visit finally comes to the end. This last place probably will be my most favourite place to visit in Kuala Lumpur because it's historical and I'm a history freak (you'll notice my favourite place to visit while travelling are museums, old buildings, or libraries, hehehe). As I stated before, the name's of the place is Dataran Merdeka, and it's a complete set consisting of museum, art gallery, library, and some old buildings. 

I went there with train with Masjid Jamek as the final stop. Once I got out from the station, I took 3 minutes walk to Dataran Merdeka  and voila, it's time to explore!

You'll walk through the series of columns of this old building. I can't stand for not taking pictures of this building.

Dataran Merdeka is across the road!

Let's start by visiting Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. The place showcases the arts and cultures of Kuala Lumpur and some history of it. The ticket price is not really expensive and you can use the ticket to get some free drinks, foods, or discount voucher for the souvenir shop. 

Another obligatory tourist photo while visiting Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.

A view inside the gallery. Displaying a brief history of old Kuala Lumpur.

A wall display that I love I can't stand not taking pictures with it. Notice my face was a little bit annoyed with a Chinese lady on my right who can't stop talking and won't move.

Not pictured, there's a room filled with a miniature of Kuala Lumpur in the night time. It's beautiful and I can't believe it when they said the miniatures were handmade. They took me to a room where I can clearly see the miniatures being made, pictured below. I feel like crying.

And yes, it's sold as merchandises and souvenirs. Here's an amazed me taking pictures of some beautiful pieces of manual wood (or paper?) cutting.

Next stop: the one and only library!!! The main library is actually closed that day (it was Sunday) but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy being at the library. There was a Science Fiction Convention... at the library! Gee, I wish they have this kind of thing in Indonesia. Hehe.

Another exhibition area inside the library.

Looking at the displays in the convention.

Yes, I did!

The last destination of my Malaysia trip was probably the most memorable one. Kuala Lumpur was awesome! Thank you for reading my journal, it might be suck but I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I write it! Once again, thank you for reading! Don't forget to read the first part and the second part for those who haven't.

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  1. I adore Kuala Lumpur, it's a riveting colourful paradise to explore. So diverse, so colourful.
    I spend about 4 days there, did the Batu Caves trip, loved it! Wandered around in Chinatown - bargaining there is so much fun! Plus lots of other areas, but I missed out on the Heli Lounge Bar experience... But I have it on my list for a future trip to KL!


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