Malaysia Trip Journal #1: Batu Caves, Colmar Tropicale, and Durians!

I had this short weekend getaway to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and it was amazing. It's been a very long time since my very last getaway (to Manado) and I feel I need a time to relax myself from those thesis writing that takes up most of my time during the seventh semester. For this time, my mom's joined the trip with me.

I had a sudden fever the night before the trip (I froze myself inside a cinema building earlier... How careless of me) but luckily, after some shots of medicines and a decent meal, I was able at least to get up and went to the airport in the early Friday morning. I spent most of the time sleeping in the airplane in order to get well. But hey, at least I still managed to go on a vacation, huh? Hahaha.

The first destination I would like to visit is a Hindu Temple that was attached on a beautiful, green cliff located on Selangor, some few kilometres north of the capital city Kuala Lumpur. The first thing I notice when arrived in the temple was this gigantic, yellow statue of a Hindu god (I searched it up on the web it's a Hindu deity named Muruga). It's amazing on how there's a glimpse of yellow in the midst of green, representing the god's mightiness as believed in Hinduism. There was a stair leading to the main temple (in which I never explore due to my sickness, duh).

There were also statues of Hindu gods and deities on the top of Batu Caves buildings. Captured below are the many colours of Ganesha, known as the god of knowledge and wisdom with the form of an elephant. I just love taking pictures of them. Such an eye candy.

The following picture shows some many other Hindu gods and deities that I couldn't name it all but only some few of them. I believe the one's riding a peacock is another representation of Muruga that I just stated above, and the others that are unfamiliar to me. Any idea who they are? Hindu mythology starts to intrigue me. Hahaha.

And lastly... The photo below capture some another intriguing Hindu deity that somehow looks like what we Indonesian have in traditional folklores and tales. Buto Ijo. Hahaha. No, he's more like Dwarapala, that scary statue I've seen in traditional Javanese building.

Enough with Hindu gods and goddesses. Oh, make sure to bring some crackers to Batu Caves. There are so many birds you can feed here, and it's quite picturesque to take some pictures there with birds flying around above you haha!

I think Batu Caves is a nice place for those who love to learn more about cultures and other religion. It was amazing to know that Malaysia displays such a breathtaking diversity and tolerance in worshipping.

The next destination that was on my itinerary list is Bukit Tinggi, located in Bentong district of Pahang. I was visiting a French-themed resort called Colmar Tropicale and had lunch there. And of course, taking pictures is totally obligatory.

I had lunch in an Italian restaurant and finally gained some of my energy back after walking around aimlessly around the area. Hot chocolate is essential!

Me, after I threw coins into the wishing well. You know what I wished for (re: boyfriend). There was an arcade inside one of the building, and I was so curious I tried its 4D Cinema. It's somehow horrible. It only made me sicker and nauseous.

Well, there's not much thing I would like to say about this place. Well, Colmar Tropicale was beautiful, pretty resembles a French village, but it's not really my thing. I think it's a nice place for those who would like to relax more rather than explore. The pizza's taste good. The hot chocolate too. Hahaha.

 slept all the way through the way back to Kuala Lumpur due to medicines that I took. I realised it was time for dinner the moment I woke up. So, we went to a restaurant located in Selangor named Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar, with Nasi Kandar (some kind of spice rice) as its speciality menu. It's usually served with fried chicken and curry sauce and it tastes SO GOOD (writing it with caps lock on to show you how I love it).

I had Roti Tisu as dessert and so stuffed afterwards. My friend that traveled to Malaysia before me said Malaysian foods are too good to be true, and I must agree with her. Sigh. Weight gain.

After some food indulgence, I went back to the hotel, located in Bukit Bintang, a shopping malls district near central Kuala Lumpur. Took another medicine and fell asleep shortly. And yes, I do feel better the next day and so on. Oh, here's a bonus for making it to the end, which unfortunately, one of many fruits that I don't like. Here comes, the King of Fruits!

Stay tune for another journal entry of my trip to Malaysia!
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