The Sea Is Calling

So... I just finished packing up my stuffs for my another weekend getaway. Yes, I booked a round trip to Belitung with my mom and my grandma (so let's call this a three generation trip, shall we?) and we're supposed to leave tomorrow and back on Sunday. The reason why I'm making another trip is the sea. I always love the sea. Every time it's getting cold and rainy here, I always miss how the sea and beaches putting me in awe with the Almighty's creation. I always adore rains (the reason I love London is its rain), but not as much as the sea.

So... There will be another upcoming travel journal to write here. So excited! See you next week!

How a Short Meeting with Rio Haryanto Can Actually Inspires Me

Probably the most exciting news I read this week is on how talented Indonesian prodigies are successfully stealing the world's attention. First, we have Joey Alexander, a jazz pianist, performed in the most prestigious Grammy Award. Surely, his rendition of jazz musics and knowing the fact he earned two Grammy nominations for his talent is breathtaking, but he's not the one who grabs my attention to write in this moment. It's the other prodigy. This other prodigy is the very first one who represents Indonesia, and even Asia, in no other F1 Grand Prix. I'm going to talk about Rio Haryanto. Specifically, my personal encounter with the racer.

I always wanted to write something about him in this blog, but I couldn't find the right time to do so. And now, he's everywhere in the internet and other media, so I guess this is the right momentum to finally tell you all about him. So, I hope you'll enjoy this and I hope it can inspire you as well.