Belitung Weekend Getaway Journal #3: East Belitung and Beyond

The last part of my Belitung Weekend Getaway is here! Sigh. Writing a consistent travel journal feels so excruciating for a procrastinating expert like me... But anyway, enjoy this very last part of it! For the third day of my trip, I went to several places in Eastern Belitung such as temples and some Belitung favourite landmarks thanks to Laskar Pelangi movie that popularised them! Belitung beaches and islands might be the best I ever visited but these places should be on the list too, if you had either watched or read Andrea Hirata's masterpieces.

Belitung Weekend Getaway Journal #2: Island Hopping

Finally the second part of Belitung Weekend Getaway journal! I've been wondering if I could ever finish this journal because of my sudden 'preparation' for my 3 months internship, from making portfolio, contacting companies, interviews, and so on. But since I have this really spare time in the weekend, I decided to finish what I start! I won't write as much as the first part, but there will be lots more photos in this post! So, here we go.

Belitung Weekend Getaway Journal #1: Arrival and Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Note: It's almost two weeks since my departure to Belitung and I haven't post any single trip journal as I promised in here. Oh no, I'm so sorry. Last week and earlier in this week had been so hectic for me to open this blog (And I'll make another 'Life Lately' post after finishing the travel journal, hehehe). So... Here it is! I hope you'll enjoy reading the story. By the way, happy total solar eclipse for some parts in Indonesia, including Belitung!

As I stated in two previous posts, I recently had another weekend getaway with my mom plus grandma to Belitung, an island located in the east of Sumatra Island, and a part of Bangka-Belitung province in Indonesia Republic. The island is well known for its beautiful scenery, as seen in movies based on Andrea Hirata's best-selling novels such as Laskar Pelangi, and Sang Pemimpi. And... The island was also known for its stannary and had extremely rich tin resources.