Belitung Weekend Getaway Journal #2: Island Hopping

Finally the second part of Belitung Weekend Getaway journal! I've been wondering if I could ever finish this journal because of my sudden 'preparation' for my 3 months internship, from making portfolio, contacting companies, interviews, and so on. But since I have this really spare time in the weekend, I decided to finish what I start! I won't write as much as the first part, but there will be lots more photos in this post! So, here we go.

As I told you before, I spent the second day of my trip for island hopping. At first I was kinda afraid the weather will be not good enough for us to travel from islands to islands, but thank God it was sunny when the day came! We headed to Tanjung Kelayang beach in the morning around 9 AM to rent a boat. The first destination for the island hopping adventure is one of the finest islands in Belitung, Lengkuas Island. It rained for several minutes on our way to the island, but it doesn't matter and it's not too risky as long the boat will not getting to bumpy. After 30 minutes travelling with boat, we arrived at the island!

First photo I snapped by the time we arrived at Lengkuas Island!

There were group of granite rocks at the edge of the island, and it was a great place to snap some photographs. Mas Ipit told me to climb the group of rocks, which was a little bit slippery on that day. I was so afraid I slip and fall from the rocks (which means I could be severely injured or maybe even worse) but thankfully I could managed to jumped all over the rocks to snap some beautiful sceneries.

The photo result! I look kinda fat here. D'oh.

And... If you're lucky enough for climbing all of those rocks, you'll find a hidden paradise between the rocks! It's some kind of pool that were formed with giant rocks surrounding them. I felt like swimming in a hot spring in Japan! Hahaha.

Happines #1

Happiness #2. The water's so clear! Too good to be true!

Happiness #3. Plus the lighthouse at the background.

Happiness #4. Mas Ipit told me to do some splashing hands movement. Hahaha.

After finishing my business in my 'private' pool, it's time to climb the lighthouse to enjoy Lengkuas Island from the height! The lighthouse is 18 stories and consisted of around 300 steps. And by the way, the lighthouse is named L. I. Enthoven lighthouse, built in 1883 while Indonesia was East Indies.

18 stories was a little bit tiring, but look at the view...

Beautiful view #1. Lengkuas Island from the above is surely breathtaking. Notice my 'private' pool I was there before.

Beautiful view #2. White sand, clear water, with some hint of coral reefs beneath.

Beautiful view #3 plus the writer.

The surrounding sea of Lengkuas Island is also known for its diving spot, with beautiful coral reefs beneath. I tried snorkelling in this spot with the help of Mas Ipit and friends.

The writer tries to snorkel. I tied my hair into an awkward looking bun to keep my diving goggle intact. Maybe I should consider buying a swimming cap? Hahaha.

By the time I finished snorkelling, it was noon. We headed to the nearby island, Kepayang/ Gede/ Babi island to have lunch. This is the only restaurant in the area, and we required to pay IDR 15,000 to enter the restaurant, whether we order foods or not. I ate instant noodle for lunch because I've been craving for one since yesterday. I also ordered some fried bananas for nibbles.

The view from the restaurant.

Some other view of Kepayang Island.

There should be other two other destination for today's island hopping adventure, but due to the high tide, I couldn't visit Pasir Island. So, Batu Berlayar Island will be my last place to visit for today's activity. The island consisted of many giant rocks, so it looks a floating rocks in the middle of the sea.

Posing like a mermaid. Hahaha.

And another swimming session.

If you're lucky enough, you might find some starfishes lingering by the beach. You can take some nice photos with starfishes! And if you're going to swim, it's probably going to be safer if you avoid rocks that have shells and clams on it. They're sharp and can cut your skin easily! Plus, be careful with the wet rocks, you might slip like I do. Hahaha.

It was almost sunset when we finished the island hopping session and it was time for a rest back to the hotel. We're so tired we didn't go anywhere for dinner and ordered dinner to our room. It was probably one of the best island hopping experience I ever had. Probably someday, I'll go back here.

And I called it a day for the second day of Belitung weekend getaway. Stay tuned for the third and the last part of the journal!

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