Impromptu Visit to Bandung

It seems that I become a bit of a travel blogger, isn't it? 

So, I had another weekend spent outside my town, which is Bandung for this month. Actually, I'm a bit lazy to write something about Bandung because Bandung is getting overrated, in my opinion. I mean, look at here, here, here, and here. I don't want to even bore myself writing about this city, so I decided to wrap it up into a simple blog post about places in Bandung that I visited.

As always, I hope you'll enjoy reading this as I enjoy writing it.

It Starts and Ends With an 'A'

I was diagnosed with asthma last March. And I'm currently spending my whole weekday skipping classes because It's getting worse last week.

Life also can be pretty sucks, eh? It was actually an allergy reaction, and it can be easily prevented by keeping my environment clean from dusts and staying away from high pollutant places, plus I should not letting my cat enter my bedroom. I also have to keep control on my walking pace (it means I can't walk too fast). One time I keep my normal walking pace and ended up dying, unable to breathe properly. Finally, I should always bring along my 'survival kit': an inhaler, health mask, medicines and various pills, and some few throat lozenges.

But unfortunately, firstly, I was known for being too lazy on cleaning my room. And I love to bring my cat into my room for several cuddly company reasons. Secondly, I walk in a super fast pace a lot, usually to save time. And lastly, I am a such a clumsy being; from forgetting to bring along essential stuffs (even my phone), or stupidily losing all of my stuffs that I have. I have to overcome my weaknesses, of course, and coping on a brand new lifestyle for the sake of my health.

I thought this sudden diagnosis is somekind of curse to me for being a reckless and lazy individual at first. I was crying to my mom when I thought I would have an asthma inside me. "Why should I?" I constantly asked the deity above. And the answer is: It happens to me because I have to be a better person than I am right now. I should start to clean my room more often, and reconsidering bringing my cat inside my room. I can always cuddle him anywhere but my room, eh? I should make a much more effective time management system with my new slower walking pace. And how I should be much more prepared before leaving home. 

I believe anything happened for some reasons including you, dear asthma. 

Bring it on. Asthma is not the reason I'm stopping to believe.