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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So, the video above (that was currently uploading during the time I wrote this) is my entry for YOUC1000 x ESMOD Jakarta Fashion Design Competition that is currently ongoing. It was a quite long story on how I finally managed to join this competition and (eventually) being the finalist. Okay, since it's still a long way to go for me to finish the upload, I'll just write down why am I joining this.

It started back then in January when I decided to join fashion design elective class. The main reason why I'm joining the class is just because I don't really want to take web design or interactive design class (I really really avoiding less sleep this semester because of reasons, one of them being my asthma). The other reasons was because I love to read and keep updated with the current news and trends in the fashion world. I would love to learn fashion from a creator's (designer's) perspective rather than a consumer's view.

Anyway, after some few classes (it was almost mid-term), my lecturer showed the class about the competition and later decided that in order to take the mid-term assignment, students MUST make an entry for the competition. So, I come up with the ideas some few days before the deadline and then proceeds to the making (sketching, drawing, etc). I sent my design on the deadline day and life goes on.

I never expected anything would happen (I consider my design is not good enough and fashion design would not be something that I will do in the future), but then BAM!, someone in my class told me that I am one of 19 other finalist for the contest. 3 of them are my classmates. I was a bit certain about continuing the competition because I literally had many other things to do, like internship and assignments. I almost turn down this competition.

But then I have this little revelation that says that you should finish what you start, and gaining experience is the most precious thing you could ever get in life. A short, intense conversation I had with one of the greatest designer in Indonesia in my opinion, Max Suriaganda, concluded my decision to go on. He said: "Don't consider this a a competition because it will tense you up. Treat this as an opportunity." and, "Remember to be brave and confident with your own works, because you own this work, you are the one who really understand this work."

That's all for the whole story. Quite a long one, actually! So... I need your help to: vote this video on YouTube if you really like this video. The voting system will affect on the final result of the competition. I really, dearly, appreciate every likes and views and time that you give! I'll be having jury session next May and by the end of May, my work will be on a fashion show held by ESMOD Jakarta. Wish me luck! This is quite scary but I'm excited!

Finally, I wish you a great day (and night)!


  1. kaaak makin keren aja bisa semuanya:") jadi walau desain grafis bisa desain baju juga ya kak?:") goodluck!! semoga bisa kaya kakak hewhew

    1. Thank you Ratri! :)
      Haha kebetulan semester ini ambil mata kuliah elektif Fashion Design jadi lumayan deh belajar banyak juga dari mata kuliahnya (bekal buat lombanya juga hehehe :p)


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