Sawasdee, Bangkok!

Hello! I'm writing this post upon my arrival at home from my weekend getaway to Bangkok. Yes, you'll expect another travel journals on my upcoming posts. Hehe. Actually, this will be my last weekend getaway before I'm having my 3 months internship (wish me luck for this! I'm excited for this but also a bit afraid for some reasons). For this time, I went with my usual travel trio, which are my mom and my grandma.

Bangkok is a nice city, (though it was scorching hot: 36ยบ C on the daytime) which covers up all aspect such as cultures, history, foods, and even shopping. While my grandma and mom was busy with their shoppings, I went to several places like temples, museums, and even searching for Thai traditional foods that are literally EVERYWHERE on the street.

It will take longer time for me to write the travel journal since it's the (last!) final week, so I'll spend around a week to write all of my experiences I had there. Until then, enjoy this short clip preview for this upcoming travel journal (I'm so happy that I finally managed to upload something on my YouTube account!) and I'll see you soon!


  1. Wow nicee... You seems have a lot fun on your vacation!

  2. I'm sure you'll miss travelling and free time when you're on internship :) And goodluck for your internship I hope you find it's interesting and you love your job & also your colleagues! THat's the most important thing.

    1. Yes, I will miss it dearly! :')
      I'm still in denial to know that I'm going to have internship in a week. Sigh. But I'm also excited and pretty sure it'll be a chance for me to learn a lot.
      Thank you Jan! :D


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