Life in Southern Jakarta: Seek-a-Seek Graphic Design Festival

It's been a month since I live far away from home (technically, it's just 37-ish kilometres from Tangerang, but think about the traffic jams and many other unexpected things in the road). It was hard at first, living a totally different lifestyle than my usual campus-home life, but I actually made this far!

Anyway, lots of things happened in a month during my life in the Southern Jakarta. From experiencing Uber for the very first time, ordering foods with Gojek (you should be surprised that I never use this super effective way to get food back in Tangerang), impromptu visits to some unexpected places, and many other things! One of the most interesting things was (and still) being a part of the biggest Graphic Design Festival in Indonesia held by Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, the place where I'm curretly having my internship in: Seek-a-Seek!

Seek-a-Seek is a graphic design event that features around 70 graphic designers, from graphic houses to independent graphic designers in an amazing, breathtaking, exhibition. The exhibition itself covers up a lot of aspects in graphic design, from typography, editorial, print medias, branding, and also multimedia. Various workshops were also held for the first three days of the event. If you decide to linger around longer (like I did) you can enjoy some live performances. And oh, did I told you that you can purchase some goods at the art market?

I was in the documentation team when the exhibition's opening was on, so I would love to share some of the photos that I took. I was so surprised that a lot of people are very enthusiastic with this event about graphic design. I love on how graphic design is practically everywhere in our daily life. From, our favourite chocolate milk packaging, the giant billboard we saw everyday, the signages that took us to the toilet, until the little brochure that people gave us while we're having a walk.

I was here last two weeks ago with some of my friends, who were currently also on their internship in the other graphic houses in the Southern Jakarta. It was so exciting to meet a lot of new people and also expert graphic designers in this event. This place is a giant melting pot for us to interact and networking with each other within the same field in graphic design.

All of the participants in this festival came from the graphic design background. Those eye candies in the art market were made specially by graphic designers. Man, I could buy all of the products because they're just too beautiful and well-made!

It was a completely new experience for me to attend and be a part of this festive celebration of graphic design. This also pump me to be more and more passionate in my graphic design, which is what I'll be doing for the rest of my life! For those who missed it, don't worry! The exhibition is still open until the next Sunday! Feel free to come and visit the exhibition in Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace; open from 9 AM to 6 PM! 


Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace
Jl. Kemang Selatan no. 99A
Jakarta Selatan

Featured Exhibitors:
Ampersand • Another Design Company • Artnivora • Ayang Cempaka • BD+A • Brownfox • Butawarna • Cecil Mariani • Design Lab • Detego • Digital Nativ • DM ID (WIR Group) • Each Other Company • Edo & Edo • Emir Hakim Design • Eva Winata • Feat Studio • Fresh Creative • Fullfill • Furyco • Gema Semesta • Graphichapter • Gumpita Rahayu • Halfnot • Hanny Kardinata • Idea Buzz Asia • Inkara Brand • Irfan Hendrian • Ismaya Design Lab • JED Creative • Jordan Marzuki • Kotasis • KYUB Design • LeBoYe • Majalah Tempo • MakkiMakki • Makna Creative • Maksimedia • Maria Putri • Mata Design • Mendiola Wiryawan • Monoponik • Noote Netoo • Nusae • Octo Design • Omnicreativora • Panji Krishna • Paperwork • Paprieka • PoLa Artistry • POT Branding • PTT Family • Ramanda Hadi • Ritchie Ned Hansel • Rubicube • Sanrok Studio • Studio Satu Collective • Sciencewerk • Sita Subijakto - Headline • Studio 1212 • Studio Kudos • Studio Minor • SUNVisual • Swargaloka • Table Six • Thinking Form • Thinking*Room • Tre Design • Vaith Design • Vincent & Nana • Visious Studio • Visual Cast • Wanara Studio • Way Kambas • WHIR • Whitespace


  1. Wow! You sound like you are having a really good internship days! It reminds me with my internship days two years ago I had so much fun! Btw I have always been awed with the life of designers and the products they deliver--sometimes the inner designer soul inside me wants to come out and join all of you! Too bad my passion doesn't last that long. I need to work on that first XD All the best to you!

    1. Hi Konayachi! Yeah it's so much fun! Finally meeting lots of new people in the industry and learn a lot from professionals! I'm so happy to read about your awe with designers because yes, they put a lot of times and hard works to products they deliver. :') Thank you so much!

  2. ow geez such a pity for me that I didn't go there to buy some stuff or take a look at those pretty walls!

  3. Ah, too bad I missed this exhibition :(

    1. Too bad! But of course you can visit their future events! :D

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  5. Woah, I just know that you're a graphic designer too Nov, I also come from VCD major , high five! hahaha sadly I don't know about this event since I live in Surabaya, so nice yaaaa, wish I was there :(



    1. Aaaaa so happy to find another VCD major student! High five!
      It was! :D

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