Dear Beautiful Souls

Dear beautiful souls in Japan,

To this high school boy that I met 2 years ago in Kansai Airport, who chase me all the way through the station's stairs so he could tell me that I took the wrong way. He then pointed out to the right train. To a beautiful American-Japanese girl that I met on the train. The girl who has the most beautiful eyes and smile that I ever seen in my life. To her loving mother who let her sit on her lap through the train ride, and showed her beautiful sceneries through the train window. And to her cheeky older brother. To Mr. Onizuka, a Harry Potter ride staff at Universal Studio Japan who tolerate my crappy Japanese and let me ride the Forbidden Journey ride after a long misunderstanding. To a Harry Potter show host who gave me a "Oh look! We have a Slytherin here!" shoutout during the show. To the tempura restaurant owner in Akihabara, who gave me a printed map so I can get to my hotel easily that very night. To the mini market lady, who apparently understand English and told me clearly how to get to the same hotel I am searching for. To a strong grandma on the train, who politely refused to receive a seat I was once; because "It only took me two stations." To a train station staff that told me the train will be coming on 7.01 AM and it really is.

You are the reason why I shouldn't stop exploring. The world is full of beautiful and (some) unpredictable souls, just like you.

See you soon.

Note: I made myself a new Instagram for my travel photos. Go check it out! @novreica.travels


  1. this is a pretty post. I thought you will wrote about the high school boy, but I was wrong. Then, you got me at the tempura owner :)

  2. What a lovely post, CN. Have a wonderful journey in Japan! x

  3. This is why I left my heart in Japan and can't wait to come back again. I hope you have are having a great time there!



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