I Sent My Hello to Fuji-san

On top of the mountain, look at the clouds below 
There's no higher peak than up here 
The thunder rolls far away from my feet,
Mt. Fuji is the highest peak in Japan.

The blue sky in the background, standing nobly 
Wearing a white crown on her head 
Flowing, her purple skirt trails far away,
Mt. Fuji is a treasure of the world.

Fuji no Yama, a Japanese children song about the greatness of Mount Fuji.

My curiosity tingled the very first time I saw Mount Fuji from the Shinkansen's window back then in 2014. The mountain was beautifully showered with thick, white snow, quickly becoming an eye catching centre of attention for anyone. "I swear that I will be back to Japan to witness the beauty of Mount Fuji," I promised myself. 2 years later, I had this very lucky endeavour to spend a day to visit my old acquaintance Fuji-san, with a help of a one day tour service in Japan. 

The service let us having a sightseeing tour of Mount Fuji via several places: Mount Fuji's 5th Station, Lake Kawaguchi, and Hakone National Park. The journey started so early in the morning on 5 AM. The bus that will take us to the main terminal and then the whole journey will arrive at Shinjuku station to pick us up. 

By the way, we arrived so much earlier than we expected and it's extremely difficult to find an open restaurant at 7 AM here in Shinjuku. Shinjuku was a mess, complete with sleep-walking drunk people who dropped his/her beer cans everywhere (it was Sunday, people must be partying hard yesterday). Luckily, we found a Lotteria after scrutinising (almost) half of Shinjuku.

After spending some quite time in Shinjuku (we visited some open shops like drugstores and the famous Don Quijote), the bus arrived and it took us to a bigger bus terminal where people were sorted into big groups based on the places they'll go. By the way, the tour guide for the trip was a friendly looking woman who told us loads of fun facts about Japan; from its tradition, culture, landmarks, and so many other things! 

The first destination for the trip is Mount Fuji's 5th Station, located inside the Fuji National Park. It is  a place where people could do some sightseeing around Mount Fuji, complete with several souvenir shops, restaurants, and even shrines in it. This is not my favourite part of the day's trip. It was super crowded due to its popularity, and I didn't even see Mount Fuji in this station caused by thick clouds covering the mountain. But anyway, I still had a chance to look at lots of cute souvenirs of Mount Fuji, and a chance to take a photo in front of a shrine after a long queue (the photo turned out to be... You'll see).

The next place we'd seen was Lake Kawaguchi, where we would have some nice lunch and short sightseeing around the lake. Japanese traditional food was, um, good; despite the abundance of seafoods that I ate in a meal, which I didn't really savour. The sightseeing was relatively a short one due to the amount of time left that we had. At least we got ourselves a nice ice cream, hehe (Note: peach ice cream is so good!).

The next and final place we'd visited was a part of Hakone National Park, where we took a boat ride to the rope station and took an aerial line ride to the top of Mount Komagatake, of course, for the sake of enjoying the view of Mount Fuji in the late afternoon. It was one of the most beautiful scene I saw while travelling in Japan. Truly breathtaking!

There is this shrine named Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya and it was located on the summit of Mount Komagatake. The view of Mount Komagatake's summit with the shrine on top of it was so whimsical I feel like I'm in a Studio Ghibli feature length film!

Finally, in a view minutes walk to the other side of Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya, I finally saw Mount Fuji, Fuji-San, in a really, really, splendid side. Thankfully, it was a one fine day to see the mountain so there was absolutely no difficulty for us in walking and such other things. I'm so thankful for this view! It was so beautiful!

The tour ended as we got home via the bullet train to Tokyo Station from Odawara Station near the National Park. Got ourselves some take away dinner before going back to our basecamp in Shibuya area. We slept right after we finish our dinner (we should for the sake of discovering new places in the next morning!).

So far, tour service in Japan is somehow different from other that I ever experienced in the other country. Somehow, it was so much disciplined (judging on how they always being on time and so on) and... I got a lot of new information from the tour guide! The tour guide never stop telling us a lot of things about Japan and its culture and so many other places we could also visit around the area that we are currently visiting.

I can conclude that even though I'm not really a big fan of tour and travel service, I can always rely on them when it comes to discovering some new places. They open some opportunity for us, making a brand new experience for us to feel. In this case, they made me accomplish my long time wish: saying hello to my big old friend Fuji-san. Until we meet again!

Can you guess this song which I came across some moment ago?


  1. Oh my God, your pictures just make me want to go back to Japan again as soon as possible! :""")
    Especially to Hakone, I've never been there! But, I heard a lot of good things about it from my friend who came there last summer too. And your pictures look stunning too!
    So happy that you could visit Japan again, CN x

    1. Hi, Nerissa! Sorry for the super late reply!
      Hakone was awesome! There are actually lots of more places to go inside the national park itself! I heard from my friend that there's this beautiful flower field with a whimsical view of Mount Fuji in the background but I didn't get the chance (yet) to travel there! :(
      Let's have another to Japan, shall we? x)

  2. Nice post! Keep up the good work! :)


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