A Reflection from Japan Trip

This probably will be my last writing about my latest trip to Japan, before an already planned hiatus due to my final assignment (plus upcoming thesis defences and a one big, final exhibition by the end of the year) in order to graduate. I probably will still write something in this space of mine, but I just can't tell when since I doubt if I really have that reserved time to do so (I usually write every weekend, but since it's my final assignment, I'm supposed to do that EVERYDAY, even on the weekends). 

I dedicate this entire special post to my fellow family members during our trip to Japan. It was a extraordinary experience I had with you all, since I don't really travel often with a larger group (even though it's only for 4 or 5 or 6 people). So here it is, my kind of long, personal reflection...

First, I must say, this marvel must be a great endeavour for my brother and my two cousins since they've been a big and loyal fan of the country itself, thanks to its pop culture that shapes our childhood (and our adolescence years). I'm so happy to witness them having a big, sweet, smile the moment we landed on Haneda Airport. I love to see my little brother, whom looked so calm in the outside and I knew so much that his heart jumped like a little kid by the time our train arrive at the famous Akihabara, the place he dreamed of every day. My cousin, whom learned simple Japanese words by listening to the locals, and proudly said, "Sumimasen" whenever and wherever he wanted to. And finally, my other cousin, whom spent a lot of her time searching for souvenirs for her also Japanophile boyfriend.

My little brother developed this fondness to Tokyo, and plan to travel to Japan much often. I can see myself exactly 3 years ago when seeing him. The time in my early university year that I grew my fondness to places I never been before, and swore to myself that one day, I'll pack up my bags, and flew all across the world. This runs in the family, isn't it?

Hey Duff, perhaps we could visit Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympic games?

For my mom, that has been my travel companion since forever, thank you so much for letting this venture happened for the second time. I remember our adventure two years before, I'm such a spoiled kid I didn't know how to travel in an enjoyable way. I remember back then in 2014, I cried when I couldn't find the hotel, my feet had swollen miserably, and had absolutely no access to wifi. She patiently comfort me, and show me how to deal whenever I get lost. She asked several people and we eventually found the hotel. The other time when I lost control when I finally went to visit my (second) home, Hogwarts, in Universal Studio Osaka, she told me not to rush things and just enjoy the moment I had. It was one of the greatest days I ever encounter in my life.

I love it what she said to me one day: "Do travel in your 20s and leave your comfort zone. Even though you're still a spoiled kid, I'll accompany you wherever you want to go." Thank you mom, and I'm sorry. I'll be a much more independent girl and I'll solo travel, like you did in your 20s. ;_; By the way, she captured some moments not captured in neither mine nor my cousin's camera. This  entire post's photos were taken from my mom's phone, and I'm so proud of her!

We travel as a family, we travel as best friends, and we travel as team. In the term of team, we always distribute our job descriptions separately and everyone had their own responsibilities. I always consider myself as a planner when it comes to travel. I looked across the AirBnB website to find a good, affordable places to stay, and then book it right away. I provided maps and directions whenever we felt lost and out of place, which can be so sacred since I'm such a clumsy one. Yes, I made my entire family lost for my clumsiness, I'm sorry. Nevertheless, I learned a lot from my mistakes!

My mom controls the money, since obviously we could easily drain it whenever we want, uncontrollably. I remember when mom asked me to withdraw some money from the ATM, and I was like: "Shouldn't you be providing us?" and then realising that I had my card ever since I arrive in Japan. My little brother learned a little Japanese prior leaving, so he can easily read either Katakana, Hiragana, and a pinch of Kanji letters. My cousin always bring his camera, so every snaps that were here in my blog are his. He made a video and I think I could upload it here sometime. Lastly, my other cousin helped my mom in so much works since I am a lazy, lazy kid.

Lastly, cheers for the moments we had for two weeks. It was a great time I had with all of my family members. I remember when I clumsily left my bag at the airport security. Mom's pretty mad but I learned that I should never forget my bags, or literally everything that are being my possessions. I remember when when my brother, my cousin and I searched all the way in Akihabara's Yodobashi for a cable extension. I googled "colokan" on Google and show it to a staff, and it was so funny I still laughing while writing this. I remember when I rode a bike to the nearest Daikokuya with my cousin to find some ingredients for dinner and ended up buying instant noodles instead. I remember sparing my coins to buy some unique Japanese drinks from the vending machine; or cute keychains from Gachapon. I remember buying lots of Calpis and pretend that I was drunk. I remember losing my phone in Dotonbori, and finding it again. I remember every staffs in Universal Studio greet me as a fellow Hogwarts student, obviously because I wore my Slytherin robe. I remember when we have to arrange a strategy to get to the airport while it was morning rush hour. I remember strolling around Tokyo until it was late in the night my mom called me to get home (to the apartment) soon. I remember whenever I discover a new places, I would whisper "Thank God".

I remember crying while watching a Japanese movie titled "Orange" whilst on my plane going back home. I can't decide whether the movie was so sad or I'm missing Japan already. :')

There are so many places I haven't been to and I'm so, so, so, SO EXCITED for my next adventure!


  1. nice, you really make me want to go to Japan right now! haha


    1. Haha! But it was an absolutely awesome experience!
      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Wow. That's one of my dream to travel to Japan.
    Great writing :)

    1. Thank you for reading, it's really nice of you! :)

  3. I hope i'll be able to visit Japan too! :D dream place!

    love from Myxilog


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