2017: Escape the Ordinary

Long time no blogging. Pardon my laziness toward this blog. I swear I'll write more in 2017, hopefully. *fingers-crossed* By the way, I wish you a super late happy new year! May this year brings you a lot of more challenges and may you achieve everything you wish for! *clanking the glasses* *fingers-crossed for the second time*

Before I start anything 2017 in this blog, I would love to reminisce a bit about what some people thought as the saddest, the most badass, the most in history with celebrities deaths: 2016. Ah, 2016. The time of struggle, yet the time I actually accomplished something. The most prominent one might probably when the time I actually graduated from my university. The whole one and a half years of struggle, poured in this blog for anyone who really cared to read.