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South Korea in Pictures and Words

10 days, 3 destinations, endless stories. 

The place where I encountered many of my first times: Zaha Hadid's Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Spicy chicken bibimbap. Fried dumplings, tteobokki, huge chicken and sausage skewers. Actually walking on the captivating Cheonggyecheon. Seeing how South Koreans protest at the town square. Nami Island. Playing in snowfall. -5º C. Walking alone across Myeongdong in the evening. Discovering Myeongdong kyoja. Buying loads of cute goodies at Artbox. N Seoul Tower. Seoul from the heights. Make-up hauls. Eating buldak bokkeum myun (or we are so much more familiar with the name Samyang) past the midnight. Getting blisters on my foot from hot patch. Seoraksan National Park. Learning to make kimchi. Actually eating massive amounts of kimchi. Ginseng chicken soup. Tasting a little bit of soju (oops!). Covering my face with fluffy scarf. Wearing Hanbok, but it's too cold I have to wear sweater first. Supermarket walk with little brother in search for sugar sachets. Skiing. Falling from skiing. (Just) Korean fried chickens for lunch. Watching 'Goblin' TV series playing non-stop from 6 to 12 PM. Seeing too much oppas with much more smoother skin than I. Stalking a group of oppas applying BB cream. Adoring oppas at COEX mall. Bukchon Hanok Village. Secretly dancing to Gangnam Style in Gangnam. Discovering Kemang in Seoul, Itaewon. Satisfying bath after a long day in the cold breeze. Learning basic Korean. Cruising the crowded Namdaemun Market. Seeing my mom overjoyed when she discovers rows of decoupage tissues stores. Budae Jjigae. The beautiful 70s scene inside The National Folk Museum of Korea. Morning coffee inside the museum. Book hunting in Kyobo bookstore. And much, much more things I can't mention it one by one!

감사합니다 South Korea! 나중에 보자!


Long time no blogging. Pardon my laziness toward this blog. I swear I'll write more in 2017, hopefully. *fingers-crossed* By the way, I wish you a super late happy new year! May this year brings you a lot of more challenges and may you achieve everything you wish for! *clanking the glasses* *fingers-crossed for the second time*

Before I start anything 2017 in this blog, I would love to reminisce a bit about what some people thought as the saddest, the most badass, the most in history with celebrities deaths: 2016. Ah, 2016. The time of struggle, yet the time I actually accomplished something. The most prominent one might probably when the time I actually graduated from my university. The whole one and a half years of struggle, poured in this blog for anyone who really cared to read.

Long story short, yes I did survive pre-final project: writing endless thesis and revisions every single week. I survived my 3 months of internship in Kemang. I survived spending most of my days inside my study to work on my final project. I survived the biggest thesis defence ever. I survived making an exhibition display with zero craftsmanship and experience. I survived keeping my display stay on its place. I survived the exhausting, excruciating exhibition week.

Just about a week ago I received my thesis plus final project score with flying colours. Many of my mates passed with satisfying scores too. It makes me believe that hard works and consistencies will result in good things and everything you ever wanted to achieve.

2016 was the time I finally decide to set my foot further; so much away from my comfort zone. The time I signed up for a round table event held by Kreavi, only to know that I was one of eight lucky participants that were chosen. I spent my entire weekend (which was the only time I can do some 'quality time' with myself. You know, recharging my introverted energy. ;_;) at the Kibar HQ in Menteng. But I swear, it was awesome. I would love to spend another weekend to meet new friends, networks, or even making artworks. In the end, I crossed another bucket list in the 2016, which was to have my artworks displayed outside my campus.

Or the time I applied to do my internship in one of the most well-known graphic houses in Kemang. The time I actually have to live all by myself, independently. The time I can get to know people in a bigger spectrum, but also getting to know myself as well. The time I should work harder as I ever be.

Or the time I was enrolled in fashion design class and my lecturer decided to make the mid-term test as a competition submission... And I was a finalist. The realisation that I actually had a thing in fashion and costume design; My fondness in fabrics and patterns; The joy stepping into a fabric store. I ended up losing after the presentation day, but it was some heck of experience!

Or the time I was really bored doing my final project I decided to refresh my mind with... Surprise, surprise, making another illustration. I submitted it to a curator and then it was chosen to be displayed in Bandung. I gained myself a weekend getaway to Bandung just to see my artwork being in display so far away in Bandung. "You're totally crazy, CN," my friends said. I am a little bit crazy back in the final project days!

2016, the time I travel a lot more. Belitung, Bandung, Bangkok, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yogyakarta, Solo. Thank you for reminding me about this wonderful world filled with beauties, despite the negativities that might tease me a bit. Thank you for the lesson to save up a bit for the adventure's sake. Thank you for the wonderful chance to get to know the world a lot more. 2017 will be a heck of a ride with more and more voyages to come! Amen!

2016 was the time I talked to everybody about my biggest fandom ever, Harry Potter, after hibernating for years since the last film was out. Yes, I'm talking about you, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The time I truly thanked J.K. Rowling for the amazing universe she made in my final thesis. The time I actually bought myself a lot of FBAWTFT merchandises and books it made me reconsider to buy another bookcase just for my crazy obsession over the franchise.

2016 was the time I turned 22. It feels like a brand new world for me. People actually will ask "are you finished with your uni already?", "what will be your future plan?", and "So you'll settle down soon?" in which I always abruptly answer "Yes I'm done with my university, and I'm not gonna get myself a partner until I accomplish either my master degree AND travel the whole world." :)

Every end of the year, I decide a big theme for the upcoming new year, and it will be followed with series of smaller goals, and bucket lists. I had decided what 2017 will be, and it's to "Escape the Ordinary". To dare to live to the fullest. Escaping your comfort zone, even much, much further.

Thank you, 2016. Hello, 2017.