South Korea in Pictures and Words

10 days, 3 destinations, endless stories. 

The place where I encountered many of my first times: Zaha Hadid's Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Spicy chicken bibimbap. Fried dumplings, tteobokki, huge chicken and sausage skewers. Actually walking on the captivating Cheonggyecheon. Seeing how South Koreans protest at the town square. Nami Island. Playing in snowfall. -5º C. Walking alone across Myeongdong in the evening. Discovering Myeongdong kyoja. Buying loads of cute goodies at Artbox. N Seoul Tower. Seoul from the heights. Make-up hauls. Eating buldak bokkeum myun (or we are so much more familiar with the name Samyang) past the midnight. Getting blisters on my foot from hot patch. Seoraksan National Park. Learning to make kimchi. Actually eating massive amounts of kimchi. Ginseng chicken soup. Tasting a little bit of soju (oops!). Covering my face with fluffy scarf. Wearing Hanbok, but it's too cold I have to wear sweater first. Supermarket walk with little brother in search for sugar sachets. Skiing. Falling from skiing. (Just) Korean fried chickens for lunch. Watching 'Goblin' TV series playing non-stop from 6 to 12 PM. Seeing too much oppas with much more smoother skin than I. Stalking a group of oppas applying BB cream. Adoring oppas at COEX mall. Bukchon Hanok Village. Secretly dancing to Gangnam Style in Gangnam. Discovering Kemang in Seoul, Itaewon. Satisfying bath after a long day in the cold breeze. Learning basic Korean. Cruising the crowded Namdaemun Market. Seeing my mom overjoyed when she discovers rows of decoupage tissues stores. Budae Jjigae. The beautiful 70s scene inside The National Folk Museum of Korea. Morning coffee inside the museum. Book hunting in Kyobo bookstore. And much, much more things I can't mention it one by one!

감사합니다 South Korea! 나중에 보자!


  1. So lucky to be in here, Korea! Teddy bear house :) DId you visit LINE friends store? You really visit interesting places, Nov! N Seoul Tower, and book hunting? Wish I could checklist my wishlist too.

    1. It was an amazing experience, indeed!
      I passed a lot of LINE Friends store while in Myeongdong, but didn't even think of visiting it because I'd visited one in Japan. ><

  2. Nice pic....I guess it was cold but I can see that you enjoyed it.
    We're planning to visit N Seoul Tower and Teseum too (someday):)

    1. Thank you for visiting! <3
      Yes, it was ridiculously cold, I burned myself wearing too much hot patch. :(
      Yeay, I wish it will come true soon! See you in South Korea! <3


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