Graduated and Now, What?

Have you ever been doing almost nothing for the past months and suddenly you start to question everything that ever happened in your life? I am. In this very second. I believe, and most people said, that we've all in this state once, twice, or even thrice; depending on your education status quo. I can imagine in my case after being too busy with college assignments, projects, social life, no sleep, and so on for the past three and a half years, I am faced with the void. Nothing.

I know I've been dreaming about doing nothing for some times during my college life, but heck no, not for this long. Instead of doing something better (like doing some profitable freelance work, volunteering, etc), I've been contemplating my life. I came across some points that, still, I can't pretty much solve.

Am I really doing what I love? Am I doing it right? Should I be an artist or a graphic designer? How do I start? How do I find the thing that I truly love? Why do I always expect things so high?

... And it sucks being in love in the midst of all of this. Nevermind.


  1. Hello, Claudia! Congratulations for your graduation!! :D Time flies, right? Long time no talk! Seems like you have the same thought I had two years back. I was unemployed for 10+ months and it was difficult. I kept seeing my friends starting their career and looked so well while I, at home, did nothing but to randomly draw and browse stuff. I started to think I might be studying wrong things and such. Looking back, I can say that it was a waste to stress over nothing. It is totally fine not to do anything after work, even when it started to get too long. Try to enjoy the 'holiday', that is the best you can do instead of stressing over it. I did and it had negative impact on me, depression is a really good friend and it drags you even lower. I can only say, start to plan what do you want to do? Want LPDP? Try to find some work experience.. Start from something little.. Want to start your own career? Improve skills.. Try to explore more opportunities to implement your drawings or hobby.. Make a list, follow it, you will forget the bad thoughts.. Hope it helps! Good luck to you! :D

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