One Fine Day: Monas First Timer?!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Note: Long time not seeing you! I was so galau the last time I was here, but I decided to take everything easy (as everyone I know said so) and go on enjoy life. I spent these past month catching up with my long lost friends, besties, and colleagues. I swear, it was one of the best things I currently have in this moment. I also decided to not being too pushy and idealist on life. I started doing freelance works again, and spend some of my spare times working on a new portfolio website (yes, it's coming soon!). I read much more than usual, thanks to my commitment on reading 50 books this year (and thank you Goodreads for providing a good reading tracking platform).

Life is so much better these days.

Oh, by the way, please do follow my revamped travel Instagram account, @eonian.eunoia. Yes, the same title you see as this blog. A little back story for the name, it was taken from my yearly resolution back then in 2014. It roughly translates to "Constant and indefinite beautiful thinking", something I really want to pursue and reach in writings, visuals, everything in life.

That's all for the bumbling, let's start on the post itself. This is a story based on my experience exploring Jakarta in one my days rekindling my connections with friend. I hope you'll enjoy this, and let me know if you want this kind of story to be constantly published! By the way, sorry for the lack of photos. It all caused by sudden malfunction caused by my laptop, making me losing all the data. Get well soon, laptop!



"Really, CN?! Living near Jakarta for more than 22 years of your life and you never ever been to its most famous landmark? Where have you been all your life?"

I'm here. At my home. Planning how to get there in one, beautiful weekend. I ranted about how I should manage to go to Monas before I'm getting too old to be excited for it millions of time to my colleague, teman sepergaulan-sepergalauan, fellow blogger, Valen or I might call her Balen.

"We should really go there."

Yes. We could watch the Women's March too, if you want to.

"Let's go. Saturday. 9 AM."

I'll pick you up at your home.


Chapter 1: Monas

Woke up earlier than ever to found myself excited over a day trip to the capital city. Skipped breakfast because I used to it (I know it's bad), and went straight to pick up Balen at her home at the famous foods street Jalan Sabang. It was an unusually, quiet, Saturday morning with people slowly rising from their beds after raving out over TGIFs.

Monas is unbelievably much more organised than I ever know. Food courts were built to avoid street vendors roaming around Monas area and it was an awesome idea. It was no longer a confusion on where to buy foods and drinks and sit around after a round journey inside Monas. I greatly salute the ones who actually come up with the idea. All of my conception about Monas that Monas is somehow scary and unsafe were completely debunked!

I was wearing something a bit edgy, due to my fascination toward dressing up, being experimental, and questioning my past much more conservative fashion choices in these days. Or, it's just me being self-concious yet self-seeking just because I'm currently a NEET enjoying her life, hehe. Anyway, a security guard actually said this when we tried to get into Monas' underground tunnel:

"Wow, mbak. You're so tall. How tall are you, actually?"

170 cm.

We smirked and laughed.

"He's just being nice to you," said Balen.


Monas is unbelievably good. The museums are breathtaking. I never believe that I saw miniatures of Indonesian history in one big, round, turn. Lots of people came that day, since it's Saturday. I saw lots of high school students sitting around, probably in awe with the big, torch-like monument before focusing back on their school works (I believe they came for school works, obviously). I remember seeing a father video called their children to show them the wonders of being in the capital city.

"Dek, Bapak wis tekan ning Monas!"

I smiled.

But then, why in the world people really did queue for Monas observatory? The lines were so long it feels like you're lining up for the upcoming Coldplay concert (no, I'm not going to watch it, unfortunately). We didn't make it to the top observatory. Instead, we climb to Monas' cawan and ended up only being there for a few minutes. We still got a lot of good sights of Jakarta, really. And we saw a glimpse of Women's March from afar.

"Shall we still visit the Women's March?"

No, we're good. We can like drive our car passing it.

I feel like a hypocrite feminist at this point.

We went back to the parking lot via a train-like shuttle bus, which was something really interesting. To access this shuttle bus, we have to show our ticket and jump right into a seating spot. Easy. However, people didn't quite understand that in order to gain access to a thing, whatever it is, they have to at least wait for their turn and to keep everything in order, they must be in line. Seriously, my fellow Indonesian, don't you dare to cut lines. It's a serious problem when I experience this in Monas.

Dear, beloved readers, please queue. I believe the most fundamental thing I must teach my kids is how not to cut lines and start queue properly. Seriously.


There are these four walls bordering every sides of Monas that told us the stories about the history of Indonesia, from the early days of Hinduism and Buddhism to the modern times. We decided to be narcissistic beasts by posing (un)gracefully in front of and beside every reliefs, statues, and murals. I almost trip when I try to get a pose a cleaning staff warned us to be careful and laughed at our silly behaviour.

Oh well, I guess we're a bit hungry that time.


Chapter 2: Por Que No?

"Shall we eat?"

We had lunch (or brunch?) at Menteng's Por Que No. As I utterly believed, I chose the said place just because, or por que no, it's a rooftop restaurant that makes it exposed with loads of bright lights, which can automatically beautify our snapshots (stupid, but por que no!). Plus, Spanish foods intrigued me a lot. 

"We're opening at 12 PM."

It's okay we can take some photos first. We headed to the outside area, where we eventually found tables that were leaning against a wall with bar stools to sit on. We could see the panoramic Jakarta (which Balen said didn't look like Jakarta, but much more like Bandung) and its high-rise buildings that are a bit far from where we stand. There were also this wonderful mural we took photos with. 

Por Que No somehow has its pretty environment.

On 12 PM, We both ordered Huevos Rotos, a brunch menu consisting of sliced salted potatoes topped with sunny side up and ham slices (thanks to Zomato I could remember all of these gibberish Spanish names for foods) plus classic iced tea as conversation companion. Chit-chatted about my recently stupid crushes toward someone (which... Didn't work out, as usual CN being CN: a hopeless romantic) and catching up with life.

"Is this how life will go after university? We can only able to meet on a eventful weekends... After weeks of planning and schedule-matching-sessions..."

I think so. Seriously I'm not ready for this, haha. Anyways, I still got a lot of time to do something like this every week. Hahaha!



We decided that an afternoon stroll at Taman Menteng will be a nice idea. So we did. We walked from Por Que No to the nearby Taman Menteng in just about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, our visit didn't stay long as Balen suddenly left her phone in Por Que No. We had to fetch her phone which luckily still on the table that we dined in. 

"I love how people didn't even realise it was here after all."


"I think it's time to move on to the next place."


Chapter 3: Jakarta Creative Hub or a Place Where You'll Find Your Love

We continued our journey to visit one of the hottest spots to visit during that time. Yup, the one and only Jakarta Creative Hub, a place you can finally unleash your creative spirit and passion by taking useful lessons, dialogue-ing with fellow creative industry people, or maybe sitting around and taking photos like a confused kid; a.k.a., us. 

We got lost inside the building where Jakarta Creative Hub is located, and instead, we got into a hip church building. Anyway, Jakarta Creative Hub is located in first floor of Gedung Niaga Thamrin, Central Jakarta. It's a spacey, and has foundry-ish atmosphere, suitable for various kinds of exhibitions and other creative events. It has this big signage outside he venue, so it won't be too confusing for you to find this place.

We are greeted with beautiful batik displays from a well-known batik brand I learned back in my internship days, Sejauh Mata Memandang. We went straight to the back of the venue to found a brand new, well organised library with seats arranged like school bleachers. And yes, there is a mural by one of my inspirations since I was a high schooler, Lala Bohang. It's so pretty you can't even control yourself for not taking photos of yourself posing in front of it, just like what I did.

By the way, I found a book called "Introverts in Love" inside the library, which I found strange enough to be placed in such place as Jakarta Creative Hub. Speaking of love, I was thinking about how the possibilities of meeting future love interests might be so much bigger with the presence of Jakarta Creative Hub.

"Yes, chances of cinloks* will be legitimately bigger in here!" Balen agreed.

Uh-huh. Let's pretend to be busy here often, I proposed.

We went to take a peek inside of the classes used for various upcoming workshops, but it was locked. Instead, we went to a hallway with numbers painted onto its every pillars, marking every rooms. We spent some quite time here, just for the sake of high quality Instagram picture (that I didn't even bother to upload later, haha!). There are people passing by as we were taking pictures, and it's pretty embarrassing. Oh well, putusin urat malu dulu, I guess?


As we're done with Jakarta Creative Hub, we head to the last destination of our One Fine Day Jakarta tour: The Reading Room café in Kemang; which known for being so hectic on weekends; a.k.a. my former neighborhood for 3 months!

We were being ironic inside The Reading Room. I didn't even manage to read a single book inside of it. I was busy... You guess what: Enhancing my photos while sipping on my sweet iced tea and chewing sandwiches. Unfortunately, days later my photos got wiped away because of my laptop decided to stop turning on.

The "One Fine Day to Explore Jakarta" journey ended as we headed back home. Back to Balen's Sabang and then my sweet old Tangerang. Everything went well and yes, we would like to see another "One Fine Day to Explore Jakarta" ver. 2.0.!


Locations Featured in This Post

Gambir, Central Jakarta

De RITZ Building LT. 5, Jalan HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 91, 
Menteng, RT.3/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, 
DKI Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto, RT.03 / RW.05, 
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, 
DKI Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

Jl. Kb. Melati 5 No.20, 
Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, 
DKI Jakarta 10230, Indonesia

Jalan Kemang Timur No. 57 A-B, 
Jakarta Selatan, Bangka, Mampang Prpt., 
DKI Jakarta, 12730, Indonesia


  1. Woahhh. What a transformation to your blog! I am liking it so much, neat and unique name! (better google result search :D) and really nice post format, I am enjoying reading this so much~!

    Monas! Hahahhahaa. I believe I visited there twice.. I feel like going there again on such quiet days like you. Two visits I had there were super crowded and I hated it.

    And you are 170cm? :DD That is really tall and pretty!! I used to think the 165cm me is tall but I guess I overreacted.. Because I have always been the tallest among my friends.

    Have great days and enjoy your time!

    1. Yeay! I'm really glad that you like my new concept of blogging! I hope it doesn't get boring, hehehe. Yes, I think it's pretty awesome on how I got the name of my blog. Some kind of epiphany, I guess? Haha!

      Make sure to visit Monas early in the morning, as it will be so much cooler than the usual afternoon or dusk. People are so much more relaxed and laid-back.

      I am 170 cm! x( People said it will be hard to find boyfriend with this height and I guess it is sometimes (or it's just me?! Haha!)

      I hope you have a great day as well! Thank you for reading! <3

  2. Menarik nih.. soalnya jarang yang post jalan-jalan ke monas. aku juga tinggal di sekitaran jakarta tapi ke monas baru 2x. ditunggu ver. 2.0 :)

  3. Seru banget ceritanya, suka juga sama foto-fotonya. Memang gitu ya seringnya, tempat yang dekat malah belum pernah dikunjungi :)

    1. Makasih banyak Kak Indi udah luangin waktu baca! :)
      Iya, ternyata di tempat yang dekat masih banyak yang belum dikunjungi. Seru! <3


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