Read Books and Be #auuwsome: A Review on Big Bad Wolf Sale Jakarta 2017

I believe that access to books must be as easy as possible. Buying good books can be a challenge for people living in the third world country, including Indonesia. Most of the people might say that books are too expensive, or not really well distributed. Nevertheless, The Big Bad Wolf Sale Jakarta proves its worth as an oasis in the midst of our confusion for an access to worthy books.

I am so lucky to got a chance to visit the preview sale of Big Bad Wolf Sale yesterday as a blogger representation, so I can share my experience there in this space of mine. I was accompanied by several friends (because a ticket can be used for up to 2 people!) that happened to be book lovers squad. If you miss the preview sale, you can always sign up as a member of Big Bad Wolf so you can get a one VIP pass for the next year sale. Anyway, this year's sale is much bigger than last year, and there are extensive variants of new books for you to discover!

You Should Turn Off Your Social Medias For A While, Too

If I could describe March 2017 in a phrase, it would be: a trainwreck. I messed up everything. I barely did anything, whether it was for keeping me busy (e.g. freelance jobs, commission works) or even for my own personal pleasure (e.g. binge-watching TV shows, reading a pile of unread books in my library). I spent most of my time staring at blank walls while listening to random songs on Spotify. Sometimes when it was late at night, I could broke down into tears so easily. I felt empty. I felt a large void inside myself.

I even wrote this in this blog in the midst of my emptiness.

I felt everything will went even worse if I keep myself occupied by staring on my phone for hours.

One day, I decided to went on a little vacation to Sangiang Island, an island nearby Anyer Beach, without being active in social medias. The vacation will be for 2 days, hence it made me turning off my social medias for 2 days too. Turned out my decision for staying away as far as possible from social media for 2 whole days might be the best decision I ever made.

(An Updated) 15 Facts About Me

Hello bloggers, readers, and stalkers! I'm so happy to announce that I'm currently in a blissful mood to write something more in this blog. Plus, Janice tagged me in this wonderful 15 facts challenge, so let's give a try on it!

The last time I wrote facts about myself, it was probably 3 years ago when everyone suddenly tagged me in their Instagram posts to let me know that I should really write my own facts. I think it was 20 facts about me challenge. I remember posting a pencil and marker drawing of myself that didn't even resembling my face. And then, I scribbled a big "Novreica" on it, scanned it, and then posted it. The original drawing ended up being in my Starbucks tumbler that I rarely use.