How to Successfully Cross The Abbey Road (and Other Stories)

I love how travel made you speechless, but ended up turning you into a storyteller. Out of many journey I've been through, I've came across hundreds and thousands of many forms of stories; tiny to huge. The last journey across Great Britain is no exception. Eleven days is enough to made blabs indefinitely here, and told comedy routines to my friends every time they asked me "How's London?" or "How's Edinburgh?" or "How's Liverpool?"

Today, I compile these tiny stories into possibly several posts, just because.

While in Edinburgh: Day Trip Suggestion to the City of Literature

After I spent some days observing the beauties of the pier city Liverpool, I took another train and ventured to the northern side of the Great Britain; or as known as Scotland. Taking a short trip to Scotland back then might be a little bit risky due to lack of planning and I was being unsure that we can make it there in a shorter time, but boy, I really was wrong.

I was quite surprised that Edinburgh has a lot to offer me as a nerdy, book-binger, Harry Potter freak. It now all made sense to know that Edinburgh is known as one of eleven UNESCO's cities of literature (in which all them are going directly into my bucket list :}). You should probably put Edinburgh as the city you should really visit on your first trip to the UK. Or maybe spend up to a week just for Scotland.

I Found My Haven at House of MinaLima

Since Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (a sequel of Harry Potter in which I regard as a grotesque fanfiction) theater show is ultimately sold out for the rest of this year, why not experience Harry Potter at London in another way which will cost you less?

This particular place has been in my bucket list since it was initially launched on last year, and this UK trip made me finally accomplish it in just one year span. God, I couldn't be more grateful for it.

A Very Beatle Pilgrimage: Day Trip Suggestions For Every Beatlemania at Liverpool

I could easily said that this is the umpteenth times I said somewhere across the web or in person: "You know, I love The Beatles". I am also their loyal merchandise hoarder and subscribed to every news about them (even though that sounds utterly weird as the band itself disbanded almost 50 years ago).

If you happen to be a great dedicated fan of the Fab Four, you might want to add the city where John, Paul, George, and Ringo was born: Liverpool, into your bucket list. I longed to smell the sweaty salty seawater from the pier of Albert Dock and find out where the heck does those lads found inspiration to their songs ever since as long as I remember. The day was finally came as I set my foot to Liverpool for the very first time at the beginning of this July, as a part of my Great Britain journey.

Every Bibliophile's Dream: The Ultimate Harry Potter Walking Tour at Oxford!

I used to peruse mountains of books in my spare time back then in my youth. From the incredibly enchanting JK Rowling's Harry Potter (that keeps being one of my biggest fandom that describe myself), Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, they shaped my becoming until this very second.

It was quite a surprise to know that the three following authors came from the same background as an Oxford student or scholar. Every year, millions of people are visiting the world's oldest university, from solely sightseeing purpose to actually having the chance to study there.

Plus, it's also pretty much known that some of our beloved Harry Potter scenes were shot inside some rooms and locations at University of Oxford.

For me, a visit to Oxford will never complete without the twist of literature. To satisfy my curiousity, I joined a 'Harry Potter Walking Tour' held by Footprint Tours, which is available every weekend. The tour lasts for 2 hours across plentiful locations at Oxford.

British Summer Days

The trip was a super magical, with a punch of surrealistic one.

The idea of this journey came a very long time ago, back then in my first year of university. I was committing myself to step my foot to this abundantly special country by the time after I had my graduation on last June.

When the time finally came, I couldn't help but jumping around, crossing dates, and hoping I could really fast forward and skip the whopping 17 hours on board. But man, I swear, the excruciating flight was paid off that I was seated at the right spot of the plane, so I could see the entire Central London at the perfect angle, for the first time.