A Very Beatle Pilgrimage: Day Trip Suggestions For Every Beatlemania at Liverpool

I could easily said that this is the umpteenth times I said somewhere across the web or in person: "You know, I love The Beatles". I am also their loyal merchandise hoarder and subscribed to every news about them (even though that sounds utterly weird as the band itself disbanded almost 50 years ago).

If you happen to be a great dedicated fan of the Fab Four, you might want to add the city where John, Paul, George, and Ringo was born: Liverpool, into your bucket list. I longed to smell the sweaty salty seawater from the pier of Albert Dock and find out where the heck does those lads found inspiration to their songs ever since as long as I remember. The day was finally came as I set my foot to Liverpool for the very first time at the beginning of this July, as a part of my Great Britain journey.

Liverpool in a Nutshell

Liverpool is a pier city located at the North West of England, around 220 miles from the capital London. It is well known for its football club, Scouse or Liverpudlian accent (which I actually consider it cool, but never really able to replicate), and of course, The Beatles. It's really common to find Liverpool being one of many tourists' top destination due to this facts.

Getting to Liverpool from London is actually an easy peasy process that you can actually do with the tip of your finger. Accommodation can be also super easy as there are plenty of rooms across Albert Dock and Pier Head that I really recommend in able to experience Liverpool, due to its strategic location near to the city centre by foot.

I had the total of 2 days and 2 nights to explore Liverpool, and as I said at the start, I spent a whole day trip for the band that changed the world: The Beatles. This post will break down things that I’ve done during one day period there. I hope this will help you out when it comes to planning a day Beatles trip at Liverpool. Happy fangirling/fanboying!

1. Start the day with a morning walk across the Albert Dock

Albert Dock is amazing, especially as I experienced in the summer time. They had this kind of festival and you might find a lot of food stalls, attractions, and rides all the way from Albert Dock to the Pier Head. Or you can just chill while watching people passing by and look at the scenery of the sea like I did.

2. Head to The Beatles Story at Albert Dock and Pier Head for amazing Beatle experience

As soon as the permanent exhibition venue opens at 9 AM, you can always head to Albert Dock to buy tickets and have yourself a time machine ride to the 60s when it all began. An adult admission ticket will cost around £16 while students can get slightly discounted price of £12 (so bring your student card anywhere, fellas!).

Once you get into the exhibition, you can grab an audio set that will guide you with useful information about The Beatles throughout the exhibition. There is also an official souvenir guide book that you can bring home for £2.50.

I can’t spoil every little details inside the museum, but it was one of the best few hours I ever had as a Beatle fangirl, ever. The displays are well-decorated to suit the time period, moods, and emotions. Indeed, it was a time machine ride to their roaring eras of the Fab Four.

The exhibition finishes with another two places you can enjoy (with some quite cash) which are FAB4 Café where you can get a cuppa and enjoy it surrounded with Beatles-esque environments, and of course, FAB4 Store, a merchandise store.

I swear, I spent a lot on merchandises, most of them are CDs and vinyls. Yes, they have ALL of The Beatles’ albums, compilation albums, and even films you can ever imagined, and it was in a really affordable price (compared to my country, at least). Good luck on completing all of Fab Four’s discography!

3. Have lunch and shop hopping around Albert Dock

Lines of stores for you to explore are available across the dock, and they are varied from your typical UK-esque souvenirs to art prints you can buy at Tate Liverpool shop.

I had this giant plate of cod fish and chips to share with my mum for around £9. What makes eating can be so affordable while staying in the UK is how a portion of food can be so big it can instantly be turned into a meal-for-two. Well, for my small, Asian tummy at least.

4. Book a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ bus tour for extraordinary The Beatles experience in Liverpool

Liverpool has several tours that you can actually book beforehand, and Magical Mystery Tour 2 hours bus tour by the Cavern Club is the best one every Fab Four fan ever get. Booking can be easily done via website, and I would like to recommend to book for the 1 PM session to fit in with the designated itinerary I wrote here.

You need to exchange your tickets at the tour lockets located not far away from The Beatles Story. Once you get your pass, head to the bus stop and hop into another time machine that will bring you to another trip to the Fab Four’s childhood and adolescent era.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes!

Birthplace and childhood home of the lord of cheekbones George Harrison

Pol's (typo intended) family home. Ugh I can't. :((

As you might’ve read in the tour website at this point, the tour will take you to several places in the suburban Liverpool, the former neighbourhood of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and places that inspire their music or making their way to The Beatles’ songs. The journey is spangled with bits of songs and I can’t help but sing along for the whole 2 hours.

My most favourite moment is the time we're singing 'The Long and Winding Road' and we're actually cruising around a long and winding road of Liverpool! And 'In My Life' went super emotional as I always take this song too seriously, haha!

Some spoilers ahead: the bus will take you to Penny Lane and the places that are featured into the lyrics, childhood homes of every The Beatles’ member, and the famous Strawberry Field gate. Some other snippets like the church where John and Paul in The Quarrymen first performed, the gravestone of Eleanor Rigby, and even the barber shop where John and Paul used to visit for haircuts.

The tour ended at Mathew Street, where the Cavern Club known as the usual place where The Beatles performed.

The legendary Strawberry Fields gate.

5. Visit The Cavern Club, and catch up with some other Fab Four points of interests.

I didn’t actually drink, but it might be a great experience to feel the legendary pub and act like you’re a real fan of Fab Four and visit them everyday to watch them perform.

The original Cavern Club entrance is now closed and the newer one was rebuilt. Another Cavern Club sister pub is also open across the original one. In front of it, there’s a statue of John Lennon and The Cavern Wall of Fame.

If you walk to the end of Mathew Street, you will find another The Beatles related statue, a statue of Eleanor Rigby. You can easily find her under the plaque that said 'All the lonely people', just like the song itself.

6. Spend the rest of the day at Lower Duke Street Area

Lower Duke Street Area is a massive place with wide varieties of shops and attractions that you can visit to spend the rest of your tiring day trip or for a quiet evening walk.

Spent some time to eat a bowl of noodle here for £5.50. Again, a meal-for-two. :}

What can I say more about this amazing city? Just let 'In My Life' describes it all:
There are places I remember all my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better, some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living. In my life I've loved them all.


  1. Ahh it's so cool that you got to go to Liverpool! My sister and her fiancé went a few years ago and really loved the Beatles experience! I didn't realise it was so pretty there too, in a kind of unconventional way. :)

    1. It is! So happy that your sister and her fiancé love it! <3

  2. Liverpool looks super cool! I love how there's deep history out there from the architecture to the people. It's cool that there's an exhibition dedicated to The Beatles! It makes sense since they're loved by so many people. Glad to see you enjoying your time out there :).


    1. I haven't had the chance to explore more about Liverpool as a city, though! I would love to visit some more Liverpool-esque historical sites on my next visit! x


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