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British Summer Days

The trip was a super magical, with a punch of surrealistic one.

The idea of this journey came a very long time ago, back then in my first year of university. I was committing myself to step my foot to this abundantly special country by the time after I had my graduation on last June.

When the time finally came, I couldn't help but jumping around, crossing dates, and hoping I could really fast forward and skip the whopping 17 hours on board. But man, I swear, the excruciating flight was paid off that I was seated at the right spot of the plane, so I could see the entire Central London at the perfect angle, for the first time.
By the time I reached Central London (from another 50 minutes tube bound from Heathrow Airport), everything I saw seem to coming out straight from every British films, series, and every books that I ever watched, read, and imagined. 

Piccadilly Circus (and basically the whole London) is my beloved Sherlock opening theme, King's Cross will always reminds me to come back home to Hogwarts, and the majestic Big Ben will brings me back to my childhood, where I was in living room, stretched my arms, and sang Peter Pan's 'You Can Fly' as I imagined myself flying around London and rest on Big Ben's hand. 

And so many, many, other pop culture references I'm not really certain to write it all down here...

For me, summer time has been the best when it was spent here (if you really don't prefer beach days summer). People are actually joyful when it gets warmer, and Londoners love to take a walk or chilling at the park. Whether it's Hyde Park or Primrose Hill, London parks are amazingly beautiful (and I am honestly will never get bored of it, since there are lots of it).

For this very good reason, I took myself and mum out to a picnic at one evening at the Green Park near the Buckingham Palace. And another afternoon to the Potters Field Park next to the Tower Bridge. It was extraordinary.

The journey didn't stop at London alone. I was at Oxford to let my motivation to study (higher) rose, Liverpool, the birthplace of my muse: The Beatles, Edinburgh, which called the literature city of Scotland, and many other places I passed by from Bicester to Manchester upon Tyne. Maybe I'll be back for another journey across the British Isles (and beyond)?

Again, I love and enjoy every single days of the journey for the whole new experiences and plentiful lessons that I can learn from it. The only thing I truly hate was the fact I ran out of chili powder that I bring all the way from Indonesia to mix with the rather bland British foods. :(


  1. Lesson learned: bawa boncabe 2 kardus HAHAHAHAH. Fotonya kok cm satu sis ;)

    1. Dan Indomie 1 kardus HAHAHA. Eits kan baru intro ntar lha selanjutnya baru post foto2 HAHAHAHAHAHA! :p

    2. Lah ga nulis intro wkwkwkkwkwkw. 1 kardus mana cukup buat kamu ce.... Trus butuh asupan samyang jg

    3. tak perlu menulis intro seharusnya sudah tahu #eh
      EHIYA kalo tinggal lama di sana harus berkardus2 sih Indomie dan Samyang nya HAHAHA #hidupindomie #luvsamyang #genduts

  2. I'm so happy about this post!!! I've been waiting to read your adventures in England and I can't wait for your next updates!!! x

    1. So happy that you're happy with it, Ner! <3
      Yay, stay tuned for it, please. I feel so pumped up I can't stop writing since earlier this day! x

  3. My biggest dream is going to London. When I was reading yours, my imagination went so far away. I read your last paragraph with the british accent tho (haha).
    I really feel your excitement there. cheers with a cup of tea, lady.

    1. Thank you for sharing your excitement! <3
      I'm still undeniably overjoyed for this visit I think I'll be too emotional on writing the following posts. :'D
      Can't wait for another visit! x

  4. I love the insights you have!


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