Every Bibliophile's Dream: The Ultimate Harry Potter Walking Tour at Oxford!

I used to peruse mountains of books in my spare time back then in my youth. From the incredibly enchanting JK Rowling's Harry Potter (that keeps being one of my biggest fandom that describe myself), Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, they shaped my becoming until this very second.

It was quite a surprise to know that the three following authors came from the same background as an Oxford student or scholar. Every year, millions of people are visiting the world's oldest university, from solely sightseeing purpose to actually having the chance to study there.

Plus, it's also pretty much known that some of our beloved Harry Potter scenes were shot inside some rooms and locations at University of Oxford.

For me, a visit to Oxford will never complete without the twist of literature. To satisfy my curiousity, I joined a 'Harry Potter Walking Tour' held by Footprint Tours, which is available every weekend. The tour lasts for 2 hours across plentiful locations at Oxford.

There are at least 2 available tours time every Saturday and Sunday, and I pick the afternoon (1-3 PM) session to suit my arrival time to Oxford from London. 

By the way, reaching Oxford from London is super easy (and much more affordable) with Oxford Tube coach bus that will stop in different locations in London.

Before starting the tour, you'll need to book the tour online, and then show the booking confirmation to the Footprint Tours representative at the meeting point that you can find on their website. I had Fiona, an Oxford student majoring at Christian History as the tour guide on that day, and I admire her for her vast knowledge of the campus, and of course, Harry Potter fandom. :}

Fiona took us to the very first Harry Potter set, which is located inside the Bodleian Library. It is well known in the series as Hogwarts infirmary and the place where Professor McGonagall taught the students to dance for the Yule Ball in the fourth film.

Remember the scene where Draco said "you won't last 10 minutes" to Harry while standing under a tree in The Goblet of Fire? It is actually a real tree located at the New College ground.

So happy to be on the same ground as my former husbando Draco. :}

Anyway, the halls between the ground are extraordinarily beautiful you don't want to miss a shot of yourself in it! Too bad I forgot my Slytherin robe. :(

The last one is probably the one you don't want to miss. It's the "Great Hall" at Christ Church college. There was a quite waiting line for the entrance tickets, but it didn't actually take that long to get inside the hall.

It was that magical. Except for the floating candles. And the fact that they only fits 3 rows of tables instead of 4 like they had in Harry Potter films. But still, an essential place to visit.

I also had the chance to take a look on the Christ Church cathedral. The stained glass and altars and tranquil ambience never cease to take my breath away.

Fiona told us that this walking tour might be the best one you will have as a literature lover, and indeed, I enjoyed learning something new from her, and seeing new incredible sights I could only see in picture books and films before. Plus, Fiona also told us her experience as an Oxford student; from numbers of societies the university had to how they have their graduation ceremony!

While we were walking from location to location, Fiona eagerly told me a lot of other literature facts beside Harry Potter. She showed us the Narnia door, alongside with faun sculpture (Mr. Tumnus!) and a lamppost that were rumored to be C.S. Lewis' inspiration when creating The Chronicles of Narnia.

Did I mention it before that C.S. Lewis was a good friend of J.R.R. Tolkien? #friendshipgoals

Another locations you don't want to miss while visiting Oxford is the Bridge of Sighs. Did you know that this Bridge of Sighs is actually a replica of the ones Venice has? Fiona said that The Bridge of Sighs also mentioned in one of Lewis Carroll's poems 'Melancholetta'. Radcliffe Camera is another Oxford's famous building (as shown in the very first photo in this post) used as a library.

Anyway, they had 'Alice in Wonderland' celebration back then in my visit to Oxford. How awesome could it be being a bibliophile in Oxford? :(

As the tour ended shortly after the clock struck 3, we took some walk beside a massive field near the Christ Church campus. Oh, I almost forget to say that there is an actual Quidditch club in Oxford, where they usually practice every Sunday morning!

O happy day!


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    1. cute bgt sih tolkien-lewis <3 <3 <3
      btw fiona somehow reminds me of you sih wkwkkwwk

  2. gosh, this tour is like, the ultimate tour of my wildest harry potter dream. the great hall is looking magical and the bodleian library is too gorgeous for words. definitely going to book this tour in my london trip in the future! x

    1. Looking forward on your Harry Potter trip, dear! <3

  3. Fotonya keren-keren. I wish I can go there. Belum afdhol jadi Harry Potter fandom kalau belum ke sini. :(

    1. Terima kasih sudah membaca, kak! <3
      Sayang sekali aku lupa bawa jubah Hogwarts ku ke sini. :( Gak menyangka juga kalau bisa seleluasa ini dalam pengambilan foto. Semoga masih diberi kesempatan ke sini lagi! >_<

  4. I love Oxford so much! It's so much fun to read about it through someone else's eyes. I really really want to visit it again now!

    1. Sigh. I can imagine how peaceful (and stressful) being an Oxford student, heheh. :p
      Thank you for reading from a hardcore Potterhead's view! <3

  5. I think I just found a new favorite blog. I love these photos. AHH. Looks like so much fun!

    1. AH! You just made my day!! Thank youuu! <3<3<3

  6. I love Harry Potter, this looks like such a fun tour! It must of been great to see insides the iconic buildings. I visited Oxford last year to shoot a wedding and it was very pretty xx

    1. Oh my, it looks so much fun to have a wedding shots there at Oxford! <3
      I got so much insights from the tour, and I guess it was worth-it! :D


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