While in Edinburgh: Day Trip Suggestion to the City of Literature

After I spent some days observing the beauties of the pier city Liverpool, I took another train and ventured to the northern side of the Great Britain; or as known as Scotland. Taking a short trip to Scotland back then might be a little bit risky due to lack of planning and I was being unsure that we can make it there in a shorter time, but boy, I really was wrong.

I was quite surprised that Edinburgh has a lot to offer me as a nerdy, book-binger, Harry Potter freak. It now all made sense to know that Edinburgh is known as one of eleven UNESCO's cities of literature (in which all them are going directly into my bucket list :}). You should probably put Edinburgh as the city you should really visit on your first trip to the UK. Or maybe spend up to a week just for Scotland.

Despite of my fondness to the city, I had only a day to fully explore the city (I blame on my seriously tight schedule and amateur itinerary planning). The route taken was a simple, straight line, from Edinburgh Castle all the way to the Palace of Holyroodhouse on the historical Royal Mile.

Here's a simple list of what I did while I was in Edinburgh... And another list for things I could've done in Edinburgh if I had longer time (or saving it up for the next Edinburgh trip!).

1. Explore Scottish history and culture at Edinburgh Castle

I started the day to probably the most well-known landmark of Edinburgh: the castle. The castle is around 15 minutes walk from the Edinburgh Waverley station, and it so easy to find as many tourists and study groups are often seen right outside the gate of the castle. I recommend visiting the castle early in the morning right after the opening hour, so you'll get some plenty hours to visit every available exhibits and point of interests inside the castle even before lunchtime.

The castle is located on the top of a hill; it might be a little steep to reach the gate. But once you pay your admission tickets and get inside of it, you'll be amazed by the beautiful Edinburgh from the heights. 

Edinburgh Castle is like a big amusement parks, where you can visit some locations and attractions, and basically enjoy collections of artifacts, interesting historical lessons, and architectural beauties. For instance, you could see the astonishing Scotland's glittering crown jewel or experience the eerie prisons of war or pay your respect at the veterans' Memorial Hall.

Learning something new has never been this fun with a lot of interesting artefact and replicas that were displayed. Some of them are picturesque, Instagram-able spots you might not miss! ;_;

Yes, the weather that day were a bit grim and chilly. But it didn't make me so because hey, Edinburgh was so amazing! :}

2. Have lunch (or a drink) and fangirl at The Elephant House

After I was satisfied with the wonders of Edinburgh Castle, I booked a table-for-two at The Elephant House, located around 5 minutes walk from the kings' dwelling. This place is particularly special for myself in context as, again, a Potterhead. Just because, as the café said: it was the birth place of Harry Potter. It was said so because back then J.K. Rowling used to frequently visit the café to gather inspirations and write, resulting to the legendary 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

It didn't take so long for the table to be ready (I only waited for only 10 minutes). The interior was so pretty with massive amounts of everything elephant decorative elements; from simple posters to exotic elephant ceramic sculptures.

A visit to The Elephant House will never be complete without a tiny visit to their bathroom. So after ordering, I sneaked myself into, the most Potterhead graffiti scattered on every inch of space.

Plus, a little mirror selfie won't hurt, right? :}

And there were boards of reviews and news regarding of the café located just outside the bathroom. Of course, most of them were related to Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling.

You might wonder: what did I ate? Well, I longed to have a bite to Scotland's famous food: haggis. 

Haggis consists of sheep's heart, liver, and lungs, mixed with onions, oatmeal, and stock. It's usually served inside of the said animal's stomach, but luckily, it didn't when I first eat it. It tasted... Meaty, like my country's meatballs. I swear Indonesian cuisines can be much worse than just sheep's pluck.

3. Know your favourite author's inspiration at Writer's Museum

As I said earlier, Edinburgh is known as the literature city. This Writer's Museum is a sole proof of Edinburgh's credibility as said. The museum is located inside of Lady Stair's House, a historical building built back in the 1600s. It's awesome to step into such historical building and witness amazing displays!

Writer's Museum features 3 notable Scottish writers: Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson. The museum displays some of personal and intimate objects that the three author's had: from Burn's own writing desk to Stevenson's ring given by a Samoan chief with 'Tusitala' that means 'teller of tales' engraved on it.

I love the red, warm interior of this museum! :}

Source: Edin Photo

4. Relive your childhood memories at Museum of Childhood

Another personal favourite in Edinburgh: a museum that showcase every single details of your childhood, and every other childhood in the past! It's a place where people from every age group gather and relate with one another!

I personally love one particular section of the museum where they display anything bookish: from picture books to stamp albums (my most favourite thing, ever!)

5. Victoria Street

Another Harry Potter-ish location you must visit while on Edinburgh! It's the Scottish Diagon Alley or known as Victoria Street for Muggles. All you have to do is turn right and another 5 minutes walk from Edinburgh Castle.

It's also known as the most photographed spot in Edinburgh!

Source: Flickr

7. End the Day at Palace of Holyroodhouse, St. Anthony's Chapel Ruin, and Arthur's Seat


  1. Apa kuliah di Glasgow/Edinburgh ya HAHAH

    1. Boleh kak di sana juga enak HAHAHAHAHHA #paradoxhidup

  2. Scotland looks like a really nice place to be! Even though you didn't really have a plan, you still had a great experience. The big thing about Europe is that there are a lot of neat history behind almost every city. It's always interesting to see places that purposely allow people to tag whatever they want. It's as if part of them is engraved at the place XD. The big thing about these places is the amazing architecture. Thanks for sharing!


    1. And thank you for reading, Nancy! <3
      I absolutely agree with that! Every pieces of Europe are definitely a story book waiting to be uncovered! Too bad I didn't bring even any single pen on my trip and I regret it up to this day. :(
      Maybe it's a sign that I should really come back there soon to write something on The Elephant House? #fingercrossed

  3. Wow, I didn't realise that Edinburgh was so picturesque! I soo want to go now. And you should totally go to Dublin. It's one of the UNESCO cities of literature and I'm kind of obsessed with it, solely because I live in Ireland XD

    1. It was surprisingly beautiful! Never thought I travelled this far to be so satisfied. <3
      Aaaaa I saw it on the UNESCO site too about Dublin! Will absolutely definitely go there, for sure! xD

  4. Great post - I'm going to Edinburgh in November, thanks for the tips! I love the architecture... grey and stern but very atmospheric.

  5. You're right, Edinburgh should have been visited even at your first trip to UK (I took third visit until I finally made it *weep*) but YES wasn't Edinburgh so magical? Once I stepped out from the station and looked around the city from Waverley Bridge, I was so in an awe how even the city looked like coming straight out from Harry Potter?!?!? Plus point, it was freezing thought it was Summer hahaha

    1. YESSSSS everything's coming straight from Harry Potter! No wonder JK Rowling took so many inspirations from the city itself! xD
      OMG I can relate to the Waverley Bridge!!!! Aku nginep di Haymarket jadi transisi dari Haymarket ke city center nya berasa banget and I was so happyyyy! <3

  6. You have such a lovely blog and this post is really inspiring, I need o visit these places!
    xx Ele | http://elewithlove.it/

  7. Great post, amazing pictures as well, I love your blog, thank you for sharing!!!




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