A Hong Kong Short Getaway

30th of November. The end of said month. 

Approximately 2 weeks before my departure. Trying so hard for not rolling on the floor while hyperventilating.

So here's what happened on the last few days...

Without further ado, I joined my mother and several relatives on (probably) the last trip in 2017 to Hong Kong. (because I won't regard my departure to London as one) It wasn't the best trip I had so far (thanks to the tour service and lacking of freedom to explore the area for more than 2 hours), but at least it was a whole new experience for me: walking down the alley of Mong Kok, eating excessive amounts of spicy fishballs for daily dose, or bringing out my inner child by playing at the Disneyland on a weekday when everyone else doing their mundane routine (mua ha ha!)

Well, there's nothing else I could say rather than sharing some of my shots while in Hong Kong (and beyond). And wait, here's a song that will accompany your viewing: the one and only Shigeru Umebayashi's Yumeji Theme from my all-time favourite Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood for Love!

And another thing that I learned from this sole trip is: go to Disneyland while you're singleAnd try to go alone. :}

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